June Newsletter 2021



Hello everyone! On behalf of Miryante Community Centre, I want to express our sincere gratitude for the food relief to Miryante Community Centre, Miryante Children’s Home foster care families, St. Gyaviira Home in Butende, and our vulnerable women.

This food relief has made a positive difference in our community, providing supplemental food to help families through this difficult period.

We started our distributions from our Eastern branch in Buyende. The distribution was done in conjunction with the district task force. Some families had completing run out of food, and some families only remained with cassava.  Our social workers continued with the distributions to homes that are close to our office in the Buyende. In homes where there were many family members, we donated extra food. We then proceeded to donate food to the foster families of Miryante orphans. We donated to a total of 93 foster families through Miryante, 30 foster families for orphans with medical conditions through Buyende program, and 27 vulnerable women living in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

Thank you again for all of your donations that made this aid relief possible.      

Below are some of the photos that we took during the food distributions


Currently, we have a number of programs that are running alongside the food relief program. Because of the lockdown, our children at Miryante home are making use of the library. We have a lot of educational books that kept our children busy.

Below are the photos 

Health and Medical Care

All of our children who returned home from boarding school sick have recovered. We are still following COVID-19 prevention measures set by the government. For all our children under foster care, we have trained every house hold to follow these prevention measures and have given at least one reusable mask to each of our children. The nurse has given treatment to children with minor health issues like fever, simple cuts, headaches, deworming and others. With the help of our monthly funds from donors, we are able to meet the medical needs of the home and their health is well monitored. Special thanks to our donors! 

We have also managed to transport our children with HIV on a monthly basis to the hospitals where the get their medicine in Buyende, Kyegegwa, Mubende and Kyejonjo. 


During this dry season, the water in our tanks dried up, but we are so lucky to have a borehole which has been able to supply the whole organization with water.


Because of your monthly sponsorship support, the children have been able to have three nutritious meals a day. This has brought a smile to the little ones faces and they are looking healthy.

Farming and Gardening

Despite the dry season, we have managed to maintain our projects. It has enabled us to sustain the orphanage in terms of vegetables. The farm also helps children to learn agriculture as well as a source of vegetables for the home. Since this year began, we have experienced a dry season which has slightly distorted our usual harvest schedule. However, with mulching and watering the gardens, we have been able to get enough vegetables from our own gardens to make sure the children are eating healthy food.

Below are the photos:

A Photo showing cleared land for crops to be planted next month.

On the farm, we have continued with our daily activities of caring for the rabbits, goats, cows, and pigs. The number of the rabbits has increased and the children have enjoyed eating some rabbit meat.

  Below are the photos:

In case of any questions concerning the food relief program please feel to contact us.

Thanks for saving lives.

Regards, Doreen Tigah, Director Miryante Community Center

May Newsletter 2021


Hello everyone!

Our children are here with a big smile to say thank you to everyone that has donated to us during this time of great uncertainty. We’ve been comforted and encouraged. We are really humbled by the outpouring love, generosity and support.

To us, you are our heroes and we thank you for helping us meet the challenges during this COVID 19 pandemics in Uganda. When schools are closed once again, drought for two months causing hunger.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the remarkable people, churches, community groups, business people and individuals that have donated to help us meet our challenges of this moment, so we can continue to provide the highest order of care with inclusion, integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence.  

Program updates:

Currently, Uganda has reported an increased numbers of COVID-19 cases and death rates in different districts so we as an organization we have imposed restrictions on our children and staff to avoid COVID-19. We gave all our children masks and taught them how to wash and spray their hands whenever they touch different surfaces.


School are adjusting with creative ways to keep children in school engaged. Migongwe primary school and other schools are where our children study from have initiated a distance learning program whereby other children who remain at home are provided with printed work at the orphanage


We are happy to let you know that although some of our children got COVID-19 symptoms, they are now in good health. The nurse is doing a great job of taking some children to the hospital that require further care.

Below are photos showing Basemera Monica and her fellow children wearing masks for “the wear it for me campaign”

Home activities.

Our social workers have  set up  programs that run throughout  the month  and our children have continued following  a programmed time table which keep  our  children  busy who are not studying now due to  the COVID19 lockdown. These activities include digging, sports and games, animal rearing, and home schooling. This is done to help us manage our children.

Farm and gardens

Under the agriculture department, although this season is dry and our yields are less than usual, we are happy to let you know that our children are still able to harvest a number of nutritious foods like pumpkins, spinach, plantains, beans, maize, and papayas. We have continuously maintained these gardens by watering and mulching. A number of various vegetables and foods have been planted and some are ready to be harvested. 

Under the farm our animals are doing well and always have a routine checkup from by our veterinary doctor.

 Below are photos:


Our children under foster care are really doing well with their foster parents. Our social workers have continued assessing, monitoring and doing monthly routine check-ups in  different households i.e. counselling & guidance, and giving them  food and other life necessities. We will be increasing food donations to compensate for the loss of crops from the ongoing drought.

Below are photos receiving food and their basic necessities:

April Newsletter 2021


I greet you all and thank the almighty God who has kept us all safe through the month of April 2021. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking time out of your life to sponsor our children, all of your generosity will not go unappreciated. Thanks everyone for choosing Miryante.


Well-being and health of the children

All our children are doing well and we haven’t received any serious health cases lately. Our Social workers are doing regular counseling to help children identify any issues through both group and personal counseling.

 School and life Skills

We are happy to let you know that most of our children have resumed school and the last bunch of students will be going back to school next month. We are also making sure that our children learn some new skills. A team of our care givers are  teaching our girls and boys how to make rosaries, bangles, earrings, and necklaces. This program is held every Saturday.

Below are the photos


This month of April, we received a number of donations from different companies and individual that wish Miryante well. These include items such as Mana pack rice, soft drinks, exercise books, rulers, pencils and pens. We greatly appreciate all the necessities that were provided to our children and that brought a smile to their faces.

Guardianship proram/ FOSTER CARE

The guardianship program has continued running smoothly and more children have been placed in the community to stay with guardians. Although our staff love these children, we also know that Miryante is not a permanent home for our children to stay. We do appreciate our social workers who have worked tirelessly to find placements for the children. The is done by first assessing to see if there is a suitable guardian/s for the children. Then Miryante works hand in hand with guardians to provide continuous support to the children. Below are the photos of children receiving food and other necessities.

Community  out reach  program.

This program started in March 2021  to target  vulnerable women  and young girls with our community outreach, we reach out to various  vulnerable communties  in Kyegegwa District to empower women and young girls with various aspects. Our team works hand in hand with  Uganda Womens Network to identify such communities and avail them with skills that can enable them to earn a living. This was done after a study that was carried that found that 4,034 girls in Kyegegwa Distrct between the ages of 15-18 years got pregnant during the COVID-19 lockdown. So many young mothers need skills to enable them earn a living.

Below are the photos

St. Gyavira Buyende Home

The childern under our sister project, St. Gyavira Buyende Home, are progressing well. Our two social workers have worked  tirelessly  and made follow-ups on childern especially at the ART (Anti-Retrovial Therapy for HIV) clinics where they get their medications. Their viral loads are checked at the end of the month, as several of the children also have sickle cell disease. We are happy to let you know that none of them have had an attack this month.

The social workers have continued counseling the children and working to reduce HIV stigma within the community. The social workers are also teaching these families to on how to manage the diet of these children to prevent malnutrition. The children are given foods when the visit on the centre on the weekend such as eggs, porridge with milk, greens, rice, beans, maize flour and manna pack.

The social workers have also trainned foster homes to grow vegetables and to have them at each meal. This has improved our children’s health as reported by the doctors and the nurses at the Clinic.

Thanks once again to our dear sponsors!

March Newsletter 2021


Hello everyone!

Warm greetings from Miryante Community. All is well with us because of your support. We are so very thankful to the donors, who in one way or the other contribute to the upkeep of this project and taking keen interest to read our monthly reports.

God bless you abundantly


Easter day:

On Good Friday and Saturday before Easter the children and staff watched the movie of the Passion of Christ. Everyone enjoyed seeing and listening to biblical stories in this creative form of learning. On Easter Sunday they had prayers in the morning and the afternoon they had a delicious lunch of plantains, rice, fish, meat, peanuts and soda.  The children really enjoyed their Easter day.

PRESS CONFERENCE: To celebrate Women’s Day, our partnering organization (Uganda Women’s Network -Kyegegwa) held a press conference at Kyegegwa District headquarters to amplify and highlight the emerging  issues affecting women in different sub-counties of Kyegegwa District. The press conference was to discuss a way forward with stakeholders on how to prevent violence against women and girls. The press conference was attended by the UWONET project assistant, the Executive Mrs. Doreen Tigah, the Probation Officer Mr. Augustine Kyakabwa, and other district officers and stakeholders.

Below are the photos

women’s day in kyegegwa district.

 On the 31st of March 2021, Miryante Children’s Home joined Kyegegwa Distict and other partners to advocate for gender equality during the celebrations which took place in Kyegegwa town. The celebration started on the 30th of March 2021 with a women’s bicycle race around Kyegegwa town. The theme  of the event was ‘Building on women’s strength for a better future in a COVID-19 world” and the mission was to encourage women and girls to be active in strong in the community. This involved a number of empowered women like the Deputy Chief Administrative officer, the Sub-county chiefs, and the community development officers. Miryante entered with a team of women from the community. We were also blessed with a number of donations from companies and good Samaritans from the community who donated a number of items such as biscuits, water, soda and food towards the day. 

The main event was on the 31st of March 2021. Our guest of honor was Minister of States and Culture, Mrs.Peace Mutuuzo, who thanked the leadership of women council for all the love, care and efforts put towards women empowerment. Miryante Girls Club also got a chance to present their skits on girls empowerment. We are glad to let you know that Women’s Day was really wonderful for everyone here.

Photos below show the invited guests  and a speech on behalf of Miryante  from  Mrs. Tigah Doreen the Director who went on to express it’s the operations and activities of Miryante Children’s Home in the community.

Photos showing display of our Children’s handwork and craft and Miryante Girls Club performing a dance for the attendees.                                                                                                                                                                        

st. gYavira buyende PROJECT.

We are glad to inform you that our Buyende project in Bugaya Sub County is really promising because of the hardworking team. Our children are happy and healthy   and our social workers have continued to make regular visits in different households to see their progress.  Below are pics of our children receiving food, shoes, knickers, dresses, and soap  during one of the Centre days in the month of March as shown in the pics below.

Photos  showing  childern doing their domestic 

work in  different households

Thank you so much for your support!

February Newsletter 2021



Greetings from Miryante and St. Gyavira children! All the children are in good health. I want to take this opportunity to thank our dear donors and friends of Miryante for the support rendered to us towards the wellbeing of the children, especially during these times of COVID-19. We appreciate the love and passion you all have for our children. I want to take this opportunity to thank Karla Kensey for donating dresses for our girls and also Patty Griebel for making knit bags for our kids.

Peace wings Japan donated nickers, buckets, pads and soap.



Currently all our candidates are reporting in their different schools i.e.: primary, secondary and vocational, to prepare and finalize according to their different educational levels at the end of this month. The other children have a time table at the home, some study while others are being coached until schools officially open classes. St. Gyavira children study on center days. Below are photos of some of the senior four students reporting back to school.

Health and medical report: All children in the two homes are in    good health. We didn't receive any alarming case this month, aside from those children who are receiving HIV/AIDS treatment.

Guardianship Program Updates:

Our overall findings indicate that the guardianship program is running smoothly and steadily. Currently we have kids placed in ninety-four households in the communities within different regions. We as an organization have continued to render assistance to the children living in this communities i.e.  Food, healthcare, clothing, education, and psychosocial support. Our social workers have visited the schools and homes where the children reside. We are happy to inform you that our children have maintained their different projects that they were taught.

 Below are the photos;

January Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone!

Greetings to all. The children are all in good health and we are glad to inform you that they all send you regards. Miryante has served children since 2009 and HIV/AIDs is still the leading cause of the great number of children that we receive after the loss of their parents. January has been a wonderful month.  Children who are in the 7th grade (P7) and seniors in high school (S4) started school on the 18th   of January while other children  continued with home schooling. With the help of our nursery teacher, our kids do tests at the end of every week.  Other holiday programs are carried out as usual such as digging in the garden, slashing the compound, playing sport and games, watching programs, grazing cows and goats etc. Below are the photos:

We started the New Year out with a big meal to celebrate. A special thank you to Jon & Kelly Sill, Todd & Coleen Sill, and Gary & Sue Bechtold for donating this special meal!


 We are glad to say that most of our children are in a good health condition and the nurse takes good care of the children that require treatment. We have not yet registered any case of a child in an alarming health status this month. Thanks to all our dear sponsors that donate to us, the medicine is always there in the sickbay for any emergency cases. We are overwhelmed with the love and care you exhibit towards us.


Through a basic survey made by our social workers in villages we got to know that the pandemic has put many families under unimaginable strain. The threat of continued hunger is more worrying than COVID-19, so we decided to provide additional support to families in the community under the guardianship programme. Continuous support has been rendered to these households and so far there is  a promising progress.

Our social workers have continued making regular visits to follow up the progress of the new families  and  monthly distribution of  flour, hygiene products, mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, suitcases, soap, shoes, clothes etc. We owe every child we encounter an opportunity to belong to a stable and loving group of people that can take care of them, that’s why we are passionately committed to giving whatever a child needs. Our social workers have also trained more guardians on how to run different animal husbandry and agriculture projects in their homes. We were able to resettle the another group of children back to their homes after making sure that they are in favorable environment and have good guardians responsible for their upbringing. Below are the photos of some of the children:

Photos of the last group being resettled

Photos of Judith Kobusingye under household number 30 in Inkawa Buzoba village. She has a garden of pineapples, cassava and yams.

Photos of Veronica under household 33 in Kibira village. Veronica has banana plantation as her project, and we found her mulching her garden.


Thanks  to Patel Family  which surprised our childern  with  buscuits.  The childern had their breakfast with biscuits for two days. Thank you for the great  contribution. May bless  God!

 Below are the photos :

 Farm and Gardens

We are preparing our garden to plant vegetables and maize, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes etc. for the next season.   Under the farm, our cattle, rabbits, and goats are doing fine.


Under employment in Kyegegwa District remains a problem, particularly in rural settings,  but as Miryante has a vocational school that  offers  business and entrepreneurial skills, we are giving our kids a chance to earn an income. When they graduate they are given startup tools  and we help them with job placement. Young  people are empowered and educated to make smart decisions regarding  their future . Due to the skills they acquire, it’s also a reward to us. Below are photos of finalists receiving their startup tools with a happy smile:

We sincerely thank our donors for your financial support, prayers, and commitment towards   Miryante. With your great contributions, many children and families have managed to survive and have had a bright future ahead of them.


December Newsletter 2020

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home. We really love you all and we do appreciate all the love and support in such difficult times of COVID-19. All our children are healthy and happy. Our candidates broke off for their school break on 17th December 2020. We had such a wonderful festival season with a lot of donations from our sponsors during this Christmas season. It started with Christmas Eve when every child got to make a selection of clothes for Christmas day. This donation was made possible by Jon & Kelly Sill, Todd & Coleen Sill, and Gary and Sue Bechtold. Thank you so much for your generosity! Thank you so much to all the individual donors who made special donations for their kids to do extra shopping. This was such a treat for the kids! Please see the photos below:

The children had so much excitement for this special day, the children took photos in their new clothes before they went to church below are the photos:

Photos of children attending service in church on Christmas day:

We had a variety of food for the Christmas meal which was sponsored by the Baker Family- thank you so much! The Christmas meal gave the children a chance to choose what they want. We had rice, plantains, cassava, potatoes, groundnuts sauce, fish, beef, pork, spaghetti and sodas. We were also able to hire a DJ to come for a dance. This was sponsored by the Jenny French Family. Thank you so much! Photos are shown below  :

On the 15th of December 2020, one good Samaritan from the community donated on truck of firewood for Christmas day. Below is the photo:

Guardianship program;

In the year 2018-2019, the guardianship/foster program started off with twenty five households which are really doing well up to date in their communities. This has enabled the program to operate smoothly. As government is has now instituted policies to try to deinstitutionalize the care of orphans and vulnerable children, our social workers visited a number of families that we later added on the program. We have now expanded the program to more than 50 children. We have worked to place them in homes  where the conditions are favorable.  Our Board of Directors held a meeting where they called all relatives of children that are staying at the home to see if there was any way we can place them in homes.

Every child that has been placed in a foster home has been given a mattress, bedding, sanitary napkins, soap, clothes, toothpaste, shoes, sandals, towels, and suitcases. Miryante is also paying for school fees, scholastic materials, school uniforms, and providing the foster family with beans, rice, and maize meal. These things are given out by our social workers who will be going to carry out regular visits to different households to check on their hygiene, and the children’s progress in the home and school. Below are the photos:

Thanks very much to everyone that has contributed towards this initiative, you have made us shine!

November Newsletter 2020

Hello everyone!

Greetings from all the children here at the home. All our children are in good health.

On 24th & 25th of November our Miryante team conducted trainings in various schools. These trainings were about preventing COVID-19 in schools, especially the primary schools that our children attend. It was mainly teaching the children skills such as makin homemade masks, liquid soap and tippy-taps for hand washing. 

Our counselors also had counseling sessions conducted at schools where our children attend. These counseling sessions focused on psycho-social support and the prevention of child-marriage and child labor.  

The week started well. We had four days of training in four schools. Each day we trained one school. At each school we had a meeting and provided positive feedback for the foster families we support. As their children are now returning to school, we wanted to recognize these families for all that they have done to continue supporting their foster child’s learning and to give them confidence to stay engaged in school.

During the training, we found out that all the pupils in the four schools where our children attend (Humura Primary School, Kako Primary, Kabweza Primary, and Wekomire Primary) had some knowledge about COVID-19. All knew the preventative measures and the risky places in their schools. In all of the schools, the pupils and their teachers were really interested in learning life skills.

Kaka Primary School for day one

Day one went well. Even though the rain interfered with our program, we were still able to finish all the sessions! All the pupils were well information about COVID-19. The head teacher was also very interested in learning life skills as well as the other teachers. The head teacher kept moving around to check on his pupils’ progress with life skills, especially masks making. Of all the three skills we taught them, the pupils’ biggest worry was where to get the 100% cotton material to make masks.

Below is Humura Primary school for day two

The pupils turned up early and their main interest was learning life skills. Each of them was in a position to make one mask, including their teachers. Each of them went home that day wearing a mask that they made by themselves. All participated in making the liquid soap and the tippy-taps for hand washing. They all promised to construct tippy-taps in their homes and also to teach others in their community. Their biggest challenge for them was where to buy the chemicals needed to make soap. Below are pics for all the sessions:

Kabweza Primary School for day three

It rained almost the whole day, but this didn’t stop the pupils from coming to school. Most of them moved in the rain and they were able to make it to the school. All the children knew how to wear masks, even though only 5 out of the 10 kids had masks. The children also knew the effects of COVID19, risky places in school environment and how to prevent COVID-19. They were all interested in making masks, liquid soap and tippy-taps.

Wekomire Primary for day Four

Day four! The training started late due to the rain but later the pupils turned up and were able to have a successful training. This was so interesting because almost all the teachers turned up for life skills training. Below are the pictures of all the sessions.

During this holiday, our children have been involved in a number of activities such as planting greens/vegetates, maize, Irish potatoes, matooke, pumpkins, fruits etc.

We visited the families under our foster/guardianship program. We gave them a number of things such as scholastic materials and basic needs like soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels, clothes, and food.

Some of our children are already running projects like rabbit raising and maize, watermelons and beans growing. It was really awesome during our visit seeing everything our children are doing. We are glad to inform you that the children and their guardians are seriously picking up on the farming skills.

Below are the pictures showing children and their guardians with their projects.  

We appreciate you all for the support, thanks for making a difference!

October Newsletter 2020

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from all the children here at the home. We are all grateful for all your support and the most important report is that all the children are in good health. Our children are really happy and healthy. This month we had a lot of activities that took place at the home and the most important news is that our government is opening up places of worship and also candidate classes.

On 15th October 2020, Schools re-opened and all our children who are candidates for exams this year went back to school. The schools include King Solomon Secondary School, St. Thomas Primary School, Miryante Vocational School, Butiiti teachers college, St. Michael Secondary school, St. Peter’s technical institute and Migongwe Primary School as shown below: 

Guardianship Program:

All the households are doing well and we are now working to transition more children into this program as recommended by the government. Our social workers are very busy visiting homes where our children will be placed by the end of this year.

We are also planning a meeting with all the guardians to assure them of the support that they will be receiving monthly just like the ones on the program are receiving. For some guardians they are very concerned about paying school fees, and buying food, soap, bedding, clothes and scholastic materials. Miryante is providing all of this to children under the guardianship program.

According to our observations, there are already great improvements for 25 children under the guardianship program in the different households. This hasn’t been an easy journey to educate the guardians on providing improved care for the orphans who are living with them.  

During visits, we teach and engage our children in farming and perma gardening. The good news is that most of the farming techniques have been adopted in each home, and they each have a small garden they are running as a family. Mucunguzi Peter has a rabbit project and we are now looking at his family has a model home. He built a semi-permanent structure for his rabbits. Peter started with two rabbits and now has 10 rabbits. We are also encouraging other homes to start projects like this.

Below are photos of Doreen Komwaka showing us her maize garden as her project.  

We are happy to inform you of a new motorcycle that Miryante has received from the Uganda Women’s Network. This is to help us as we move in the field in a program for empowerment of women/mothers. This program is funded by Uganda Women’s Network, and has the purpose of working to help vulnerable women and their children.  For this project we have a social worker who is working with 85 households in the surrounding districts.

Agriculture Programs:

 We are still planting more vegetables this season and our children are having plenty of vegetable, which is nutritious for their bodies. We have planted maize, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and also expanded on the banana plantation.   

Under the farm our animals are okay and healthy. We manage to get 15 liters of milk per day to mix in the children’s porridge. Our rabbits gave birth to more young ones everyone month and they are increasing in number and are now 40 rabbits. We are looking at doing this as a project to every guardianship house hold by next year and the vegetable project just as our sister project St. Gyavira Buyende Home is doing.

We can never stop saying thank you to you all for the wonderful support!

September 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home. The children are all in good health. We are glad to inform you that the children are helping us around the campus with garden work. Since education institutions will be reopened and classes will resume on 15th October 2020, we bought all requirements that were requested by our children who are in candidate classes so that they all get prepared early to start school very soon. Candidates are children who are in primary level 7 and secondary level 4 who are sitting for their entry level exams. The other children in other grades are continuing with the home-schooling lessons until the government informs us of the second phase of the re-opening for educational institutions.

We are also preparing more children and their families to transition to the guardianship program since the government of Uganda is now requesting us to help most of our children find homes with their relatives instead of institutionalizing them. With time, we hope to have fewer children living on site at Miryante Children’s Home and more children to be resettled in their homes. We will be providing support for these children in their homes with Scholastic materials, paying fees at the schools where they attend, paying for all medical care that the nearby clinics or health centers, providing bedding, clothing, and food. 

Below are photos showing children doing their different activities:

Following the government standard operating procedures, we were able to sew 2 reusable masks for each child to use at church and also at school. These masks are for the candidates who are returning to school, those children who have to go to the hospital, and to those children going to public places for shopping. More masks are being sewed by our children who study at Miryante Vocational school.  We also managed to buy two temperature guns for the vocational school since it was one of the requirements for the institute to reopen. We need to check temperatures in order for the vocational school to open. Please see pictures of the masks as shown below:

On the 26th September 2020, we received visitors from Mubende Rotary Club who were here to celebrate the birthdays for all children born in September. Below are photos of some members sharing a cake with our children!

The guardianship program is going on well as shown below with big smiles from children and their relatives while receiving food, soap, gel, and other basic supplies. So far we have 30 children that we are helping under the guardianship program and they are all progressing very well. The families are also doing well with their agriculture projects (children and their guardians have planted different types of crops which is an achievement and they are all healthy).

Akandiinda Isaac’s successful story.

We are all every excited for Isaac’s successful journey, he can now walk by himself, feed himself, and also help the family members do some domestic work. You can tell by his smile and pose that Isaac is now a happy man and ready to go to school.  We at Miryante are excited and can’t wait to see Isaac start school.

Thank you so much for all your help. You are always willing to be there for us whenever we need you.