November Newsletter 2020

Hello everyone!

Greetings from all the children here at the home. All our children are in good health.

On 24th & 25th of November our Miryante team conducted trainings in various schools. These trainings were about preventing COVID-19 in schools, especially the primary schools that our children attend. It was mainly teaching the children skills such as makin homemade masks, liquid soap and tippy-taps for hand washing. 

Our counselors also had counseling sessions conducted at schools where our children attend. These counseling sessions focused on psycho-social support and the prevention of child-marriage and child labor.  

The week started well. We had four days of training in four schools. Each day we trained one school. At each school we had a meeting and provided positive feedback for the foster families we support. As their children are now returning to school, we wanted to recognize these families for all that they have done to continue supporting their foster child’s learning and to give them confidence to stay engaged in school.

During the training, we found out that all the pupils in the four schools where our children attend (Humura Primary School, Kako Primary, Kabweza Primary, and Wekomire Primary) had some knowledge about COVID-19. All knew the preventative measures and the risky places in their schools. In all of the schools, the pupils and their teachers were really interested in learning life skills.

Kaka Primary School for day one

Day one went well. Even though the rain interfered with our program, we were still able to finish all the sessions! All the pupils were well information about COVID-19. The head teacher was also very interested in learning life skills as well as the other teachers. The head teacher kept moving around to check on his pupils’ progress with life skills, especially masks making. Of all the three skills we taught them, the pupils’ biggest worry was where to get the 100% cotton material to make masks.

Below is Humura Primary school for day two

The pupils turned up early and their main interest was learning life skills. Each of them was in a position to make one mask, including their teachers. Each of them went home that day wearing a mask that they made by themselves. All participated in making the liquid soap and the tippy-taps for hand washing. They all promised to construct tippy-taps in their homes and also to teach others in their community. Their biggest challenge for them was where to buy the chemicals needed to make soap. Below are pics for all the sessions:

Kabweza Primary School for day three

It rained almost the whole day, but this didn’t stop the pupils from coming to school. Most of them moved in the rain and they were able to make it to the school. All the children knew how to wear masks, even though only 5 out of the 10 kids had masks. The children also knew the effects of COVID19, risky places in school environment and how to prevent COVID-19. They were all interested in making masks, liquid soap and tippy-taps.

Wekomire Primary for day Four

Day four! The training started late due to the rain but later the pupils turned up and were able to have a successful training. This was so interesting because almost all the teachers turned up for life skills training. Below are the pictures of all the sessions.

During this holiday, our children have been involved in a number of activities such as planting greens/vegetates, maize, Irish potatoes, matooke, pumpkins, fruits etc.

We visited the families under our foster/guardianship program. We gave them a number of things such as scholastic materials and basic needs like soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels, clothes, and food.

Some of our children are already running projects like rabbit raising and maize, watermelons and beans growing. It was really awesome during our visit seeing everything our children are doing. We are glad to inform you that the children and their guardians are seriously picking up on the farming skills.

Below are the pictures showing children and their guardians with their projects.  

We appreciate you all for the support, thanks for making a difference!