October Newsletter 2020

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from all the children here at the home. We are all grateful for all your support and the most important report is that all the children are in good health. Our children are really happy and healthy. This month we had a lot of activities that took place at the home and the most important news is that our government is opening up places of worship and also candidate classes.

On 15th October 2020, Schools re-opened and all our children who are candidates for exams this year went back to school. The schools include King Solomon Secondary School, St. Thomas Primary School, Miryante Vocational School, Butiiti teachers college, St. Michael Secondary school, St. Peter’s technical institute and Migongwe Primary School as shown below: 

Guardianship Program:

All the households are doing well and we are now working to transition more children into this program as recommended by the government. Our social workers are very busy visiting homes where our children will be placed by the end of this year.

We are also planning a meeting with all the guardians to assure them of the support that they will be receiving monthly just like the ones on the program are receiving. For some guardians they are very concerned about paying school fees, and buying food, soap, bedding, clothes and scholastic materials. Miryante is providing all of this to children under the guardianship program.

According to our observations, there are already great improvements for 25 children under the guardianship program in the different households. This hasn’t been an easy journey to educate the guardians on providing improved care for the orphans who are living with them.  

During visits, we teach and engage our children in farming and perma gardening. The good news is that most of the farming techniques have been adopted in each home, and they each have a small garden they are running as a family. Mucunguzi Peter has a rabbit project and we are now looking at his family has a model home. He built a semi-permanent structure for his rabbits. Peter started with two rabbits and now has 10 rabbits. We are also encouraging other homes to start projects like this.

Below are photos of Doreen Komwaka showing us her maize garden as her project.  

We are happy to inform you of a new motorcycle that Miryante has received from the Uganda Women’s Network. This is to help us as we move in the field in a program for empowerment of women/mothers. This program is funded by Uganda Women’s Network, and has the purpose of working to help vulnerable women and their children.  For this project we have a social worker who is working with 85 households in the surrounding districts.

Agriculture Programs:

 We are still planting more vegetables this season and our children are having plenty of vegetable, which is nutritious for their bodies. We have planted maize, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and also expanded on the banana plantation.   

Under the farm our animals are okay and healthy. We manage to get 15 liters of milk per day to mix in the children’s porridge. Our rabbits gave birth to more young ones everyone month and they are increasing in number and are now 40 rabbits. We are looking at doing this as a project to every guardianship house hold by next year and the vegetable project just as our sister project St. Gyavira Buyende Home is doing.

We can never stop saying thank you to you all for the wonderful support!