September 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home. The children are all in good health. We are glad to inform you that the children are helping us around the campus with garden work. Since education institutions will be reopened and classes will resume on 15th October 2020, we bought all requirements that were requested by our children who are in candidate classes so that they all get prepared early to start school very soon. Candidates are children who are in primary level 7 and secondary level 4 who are sitting for their entry level exams. The other children in other grades are continuing with the home-schooling lessons until the government informs us of the second phase of the re-opening for educational institutions.

We are also preparing more children and their families to transition to the guardianship program since the government of Uganda is now requesting us to help most of our children find homes with their relatives instead of institutionalizing them. With time, we hope to have fewer children living on site at Miryante Children’s Home and more children to be resettled in their homes. We will be providing support for these children in their homes with Scholastic materials, paying fees at the schools where they attend, paying for all medical care that the nearby clinics or health centers, providing bedding, clothing, and food. 

Below are photos showing children doing their different activities:

Following the government standard operating procedures, we were able to sew 2 reusable masks for each child to use at church and also at school. These masks are for the candidates who are returning to school, those children who have to go to the hospital, and to those children going to public places for shopping. More masks are being sewed by our children who study at Miryante Vocational school.  We also managed to buy two temperature guns for the vocational school since it was one of the requirements for the institute to reopen. We need to check temperatures in order for the vocational school to open. Please see pictures of the masks as shown below:

On the 26th September 2020, we received visitors from Mubende Rotary Club who were here to celebrate the birthdays for all children born in September. Below are photos of some members sharing a cake with our children!

The guardianship program is going on well as shown below with big smiles from children and their relatives while receiving food, soap, gel, and other basic supplies. So far we have 30 children that we are helping under the guardianship program and they are all progressing very well. The families are also doing well with their agriculture projects (children and their guardians have planted different types of crops which is an achievement and they are all healthy).

Akandiinda Isaac’s successful story.

We are all every excited for Isaac’s successful journey, he can now walk by himself, feed himself, and also help the family members do some domestic work. You can tell by his smile and pose that Isaac is now a happy man and ready to go to school.  We at Miryante are excited and can’t wait to see Isaac start school.

Thank you so much for all your help. You are always willing to be there for us whenever we need you.