August Newsletter 2020

Hello everyone!

Greetings to all. The children are all in good health and we are glad to inform you that they all send you greetings. We really appreciate all the support for the children, especially during the lockdown period. We made wardrobes for each dormitory for the children to put their clothes and new beds with hooks to help make it easy to spread their mosquito nets.

Our children are also following a programmed time table which runs for a full month and includes activities like digging, games, debate, home schooling, rearing animals and so many others. This is all done to helps us manage our children. Below are the photos: 

On behalf of Miryante Children’s home we would like to thanks Crutches for Africa for donating a number of devices to people with disabilities. All these devices were distributed to people by Rotary Club of Mubende. Thanks to Rotary Club of Mubende for its service!

Miryante Market: During this month, we managed to open up a market to enable us purposely sell our excess vegetables. This semi-permanent market is built along the road to help us also market our technical school sell hand crafts made by students at the school.

We are grateful and very happy to inform you that we have never run short of the vegetables. Our season runs throughout the year and the children are eating vegetables at every meal.

This season, we have planted a number of vegetables and fruits. These include: kale, simsim, green peppers, eggplants, nakatti, papaya, pineapples and pumpkins. Most of these vegetables are being harvested and some are still being grown in the nursery beds. Also, a number of foods have been planted and these include the expansion of the banana plantation, yams, cassava, maize and beans as shown below:

All our animals are very okay and also increasing in number. This month we managed to deworm all of them.

Thanks to all our donors that have helped us push this far. We are all humbled for you being part of us.