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Liz and the kids
Liz and the kids








Miryante has newly constructed accommodation facilities onsite - in a small, simple guest house. We would love for you to visit us, to spend time with our children, to see the work that we do, and to involve yourself according to your gifts and passions.


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The children in particular love to host volunteers - the quality time and attention you invest with our children is worth more than most people realise. The volunteers themselves also grow and get a lot more than they first expect from the experience.

Lauren Myers dispensing hugs
Lauren Myers dispensing hugs

Olly helping build


For more information or to make a booking, please contact Doreen at or +256 779 928 039. We welcome questions, comments and input. If you are interested in making a non-financial contribution please contact us at our email. No amount of money can replace the time spent with these children and we welcome those interested in coming to Uganda to volunteer with the project. Come see the work we are doing for yourselves!

Doreen Tigah
Project Coordinator

Thank you for all your support!