July Newsletter 2020

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home! The children are all in good health. We are glad to inform you that the kids are all very happy due to different programs that we have setup this month that have enabled us to manage our children during this long holiday. Programs we are doing include sport and games, digging, grazing cattle and goats, debating, and also home schooling since there are some teachers on site . Below are photos showing children doing their different activities.

We have had a great harvest of different foods which has enabled us to balance the diet of our children.  

Under the farm, our cattle, rabbits, and goats are doing fine. The rabbits project is really doing very well as you can see from the picture below. We now have 20 rabbits!

We have also working hand in hand with the councilors in our area to see that people with disabilities also live a happy life. Thanks to Crutches for Africa for the support, as we have been able to distribute assistive devices to people in need within the community.

The guardianship program seems to be giving good results as the kids look happy staying at a home as long as they receive support. We are also identifying more kids in the orphanage to join the guardianship program by October of this year. Through the guardianship program they will be receiving support like: scholastic materials, clothing, bedding, medical care, and food. We believe these are the key things that make every child happy and this what the Ministry is recommending for now.  Below are pictures of our social workers while on a visit in one of the homes where we have a child staying with a grandmother.

We are grateful as Miryante Management to our donors that do support us even during this lockdown.