December Newsletter 2020

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home. We really love you all and we do appreciate all the love and support in such difficult times of COVID-19. All our children are healthy and happy. Our candidates broke off for their school break on 17th December 2020. We had such a wonderful festival season with a lot of donations from our sponsors during this Christmas season. It started with Christmas Eve when every child got to make a selection of clothes for Christmas day. This donation was made possible by Jon & Kelly Sill, Todd & Coleen Sill, and Gary and Sue Bechtold. Thank you so much for your generosity! Thank you so much to all the individual donors who made special donations for their kids to do extra shopping. This was such a treat for the kids! Please see the photos below:

The children had so much excitement for this special day, the children took photos in their new clothes before they went to church below are the photos:

Photos of children attending service in church on Christmas day:

We had a variety of food for the Christmas meal which was sponsored by the Baker Family- thank you so much! The Christmas meal gave the children a chance to choose what they want. We had rice, plantains, cassava, potatoes, groundnuts sauce, fish, beef, pork, spaghetti and sodas. We were also able to hire a DJ to come for a dance. This was sponsored by the Jenny French Family. Thank you so much! Photos are shown below  :

On the 15th of December 2020, one good Samaritan from the community donated on truck of firewood for Christmas day. Below is the photo:

Guardianship program;

In the year 2018-2019, the guardianship/foster program started off with twenty five households which are really doing well up to date in their communities. This has enabled the program to operate smoothly. As government is has now instituted policies to try to deinstitutionalize the care of orphans and vulnerable children, our social workers visited a number of families that we later added on the program. We have now expanded the program to more than 50 children. We have worked to place them in homes  where the conditions are favorable.  Our Board of Directors held a meeting where they called all relatives of children that are staying at the home to see if there was any way we can place them in homes.

Every child that has been placed in a foster home has been given a mattress, bedding, sanitary napkins, soap, clothes, toothpaste, shoes, sandals, towels, and suitcases. Miryante is also paying for school fees, scholastic materials, school uniforms, and providing the foster family with beans, rice, and maize meal. These things are given out by our social workers who will be going to carry out regular visits to different households to check on their hygiene, and the children’s progress in the home and school. Below are the photos:

Thanks very much to everyone that has contributed towards this initiative, you have made us shine!