January Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone!

Greetings to all. The children are all in good health and we are glad to inform you that they all send you regards. Miryante has served children since 2009 and HIV/AIDs is still the leading cause of the great number of children that we receive after the loss of their parents. January has been a wonderful month.  Children who are in the 7th grade (P7) and seniors in high school (S4) started school on the 18th   of January while other children  continued with home schooling. With the help of our nursery teacher, our kids do tests at the end of every week.  Other holiday programs are carried out as usual such as digging in the garden, slashing the compound, playing sport and games, watching programs, grazing cows and goats etc. Below are the photos:

We started the New Year out with a big meal to celebrate. A special thank you to Jon & Kelly Sill, Todd & Coleen Sill, and Gary & Sue Bechtold for donating this special meal!


 We are glad to say that most of our children are in a good health condition and the nurse takes good care of the children that require treatment. We have not yet registered any case of a child in an alarming health status this month. Thanks to all our dear sponsors that donate to us, the medicine is always there in the sickbay for any emergency cases. We are overwhelmed with the love and care you exhibit towards us.


Through a basic survey made by our social workers in villages we got to know that the pandemic has put many families under unimaginable strain. The threat of continued hunger is more worrying than COVID-19, so we decided to provide additional support to families in the community under the guardianship programme. Continuous support has been rendered to these households and so far there is  a promising progress.

Our social workers have continued making regular visits to follow up the progress of the new families  and  monthly distribution of  flour, hygiene products, mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, suitcases, soap, shoes, clothes etc. We owe every child we encounter an opportunity to belong to a stable and loving group of people that can take care of them, that’s why we are passionately committed to giving whatever a child needs. Our social workers have also trained more guardians on how to run different animal husbandry and agriculture projects in their homes. We were able to resettle the another group of children back to their homes after making sure that they are in favorable environment and have good guardians responsible for their upbringing. Below are the photos of some of the children:

Photos of the last group being resettled

Photos of Judith Kobusingye under household number 30 in Inkawa Buzoba village. She has a garden of pineapples, cassava and yams.

Photos of Veronica under household 33 in Kibira village. Veronica has banana plantation as her project, and we found her mulching her garden.


Thanks  to Patel Family  which surprised our childern  with  buscuits.  The childern had their breakfast with biscuits for two days. Thank you for the great  contribution. May bless  God!

 Below are the photos :

 Farm and Gardens

We are preparing our garden to plant vegetables and maize, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes etc. for the next season.   Under the farm, our cattle, rabbits, and goats are doing fine.


Under employment in Kyegegwa District remains a problem, particularly in rural settings,  but as Miryante has a vocational school that  offers  business and entrepreneurial skills, we are giving our kids a chance to earn an income. When they graduate they are given startup tools  and we help them with job placement. Young  people are empowered and educated to make smart decisions regarding  their future . Due to the skills they acquire, it’s also a reward to us. Below are photos of finalists receiving their startup tools with a happy smile:

We sincerely thank our donors for your financial support, prayers, and commitment towards   Miryante. With your great contributions, many children and families have managed to survive and have had a bright future ahead of them.