April Newsletter 2021


I greet you all and thank the almighty God who has kept us all safe through the month of April 2021. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking time out of your life to sponsor our children, all of your generosity will not go unappreciated. Thanks everyone for choosing Miryante.


Well-being and health of the children

All our children are doing well and we haven’t received any serious health cases lately. Our Social workers are doing regular counseling to help children identify any issues through both group and personal counseling.

 School and life Skills

We are happy to let you know that most of our children have resumed school and the last bunch of students will be going back to school next month. We are also making sure that our children learn some new skills. A team of our care givers are  teaching our girls and boys how to make rosaries, bangles, earrings, and necklaces. This program is held every Saturday.

Below are the photos


This month of April, we received a number of donations from different companies and individual that wish Miryante well. These include items such as Mana pack rice, soft drinks, exercise books, rulers, pencils and pens. We greatly appreciate all the necessities that were provided to our children and that brought a smile to their faces.

Guardianship proram/ FOSTER CARE

The guardianship program has continued running smoothly and more children have been placed in the community to stay with guardians. Although our staff love these children, we also know that Miryante is not a permanent home for our children to stay. We do appreciate our social workers who have worked tirelessly to find placements for the children. The is done by first assessing to see if there is a suitable guardian/s for the children. Then Miryante works hand in hand with guardians to provide continuous support to the children. Below are the photos of children receiving food and other necessities.

Community  out reach  program.

This program started in March 2021  to target  vulnerable women  and young girls with our community outreach, we reach out to various  vulnerable communties  in Kyegegwa District to empower women and young girls with various aspects. Our team works hand in hand with  Uganda Womens Network to identify such communities and avail them with skills that can enable them to earn a living. This was done after a study that was carried that found that 4,034 girls in Kyegegwa Distrct between the ages of 15-18 years got pregnant during the COVID-19 lockdown. So many young mothers need skills to enable them earn a living.

Below are the photos

St. Gyavira Buyende Home

The childern under our sister project, St. Gyavira Buyende Home, are progressing well. Our two social workers have worked  tirelessly  and made follow-ups on childern especially at the ART (Anti-Retrovial Therapy for HIV) clinics where they get their medications. Their viral loads are checked at the end of the month, as several of the children also have sickle cell disease. We are happy to let you know that none of them have had an attack this month.

The social workers have continued counseling the children and working to reduce HIV stigma within the community. The social workers are also teaching these families to on how to manage the diet of these children to prevent malnutrition. The children are given foods when the visit on the centre on the weekend such as eggs, porridge with milk, greens, rice, beans, maize flour and manna pack.

The social workers have also trainned foster homes to grow vegetables and to have them at each meal. This has improved our children’s health as reported by the doctors and the nurses at the Clinic.

Thanks once again to our dear sponsors!