May Newsletter 2021


Hello everyone!

Our children are here with a big smile to say thank you to everyone that has donated to us during this time of great uncertainty. We’ve been comforted and encouraged. We are really humbled by the outpouring love, generosity and support.

To us, you are our heroes and we thank you for helping us meet the challenges during this COVID 19 pandemics in Uganda. When schools are closed once again, drought for two months causing hunger.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the remarkable people, churches, community groups, business people and individuals that have donated to help us meet our challenges of this moment, so we can continue to provide the highest order of care with inclusion, integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence.  

Program updates:

Currently, Uganda has reported an increased numbers of COVID-19 cases and death rates in different districts so we as an organization we have imposed restrictions on our children and staff to avoid COVID-19. We gave all our children masks and taught them how to wash and spray their hands whenever they touch different surfaces.


School are adjusting with creative ways to keep children in school engaged. Migongwe primary school and other schools are where our children study from have initiated a distance learning program whereby other children who remain at home are provided with printed work at the orphanage


We are happy to let you know that although some of our children got COVID-19 symptoms, they are now in good health. The nurse is doing a great job of taking some children to the hospital that require further care.

Below are photos showing Basemera Monica and her fellow children wearing masks for “the wear it for me campaign”

Home activities.

Our social workers have  set up  programs that run throughout  the month  and our children have continued following  a programmed time table which keep  our  children  busy who are not studying now due to  the COVID19 lockdown. These activities include digging, sports and games, animal rearing, and home schooling. This is done to help us manage our children.

Farm and gardens

Under the agriculture department, although this season is dry and our yields are less than usual, we are happy to let you know that our children are still able to harvest a number of nutritious foods like pumpkins, spinach, plantains, beans, maize, and papayas. We have continuously maintained these gardens by watering and mulching. A number of various vegetables and foods have been planted and some are ready to be harvested. 

Under the farm our animals are doing well and always have a routine checkup from by our veterinary doctor.

 Below are photos:


Our children under foster care are really doing well with their foster parents. Our social workers have continued assessing, monitoring and doing monthly routine check-ups in  different households i.e. counselling & guidance, and giving them  food and other life necessities. We will be increasing food donations to compensate for the loss of crops from the ongoing drought.

Below are photos receiving food and their basic necessities: