June Newsletter 2021



Hello everyone! On behalf of Miryante Community Centre, I want to express our sincere gratitude for the food relief to Miryante Community Centre, Miryante Children’s Home foster care families, St. Gyaviira Home in Butende, and our vulnerable women.

This food relief has made a positive difference in our community, providing supplemental food to help families through this difficult period.

We started our distributions from our Eastern branch in Buyende. The distribution was done in conjunction with the district task force. Some families had completing run out of food, and some families only remained with cassava.  Our social workers continued with the distributions to homes that are close to our office in the Buyende. In homes where there were many family members, we donated extra food. We then proceeded to donate food to the foster families of Miryante orphans. We donated to a total of 93 foster families through Miryante, 30 foster families for orphans with medical conditions through Buyende program, and 27 vulnerable women living in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

Thank you again for all of your donations that made this aid relief possible.      

Below are some of the photos that we took during the food distributions


Currently, we have a number of programs that are running alongside the food relief program. Because of the lockdown, our children at Miryante home are making use of the library. We have a lot of educational books that kept our children busy.

Below are the photos 

Health and Medical Care

All of our children who returned home from boarding school sick have recovered. We are still following COVID-19 prevention measures set by the government. For all our children under foster care, we have trained every house hold to follow these prevention measures and have given at least one reusable mask to each of our children. The nurse has given treatment to children with minor health issues like fever, simple cuts, headaches, deworming and others. With the help of our monthly funds from donors, we are able to meet the medical needs of the home and their health is well monitored. Special thanks to our donors! 

We have also managed to transport our children with HIV on a monthly basis to the hospitals where the get their medicine in Buyende, Kyegegwa, Mubende and Kyejonjo. 


During this dry season, the water in our tanks dried up, but we are so lucky to have a borehole which has been able to supply the whole organization with water.


Because of your monthly sponsorship support, the children have been able to have three nutritious meals a day. This has brought a smile to the little ones faces and they are looking healthy.

Farming and Gardening

Despite the dry season, we have managed to maintain our projects. It has enabled us to sustain the orphanage in terms of vegetables. The farm also helps children to learn agriculture as well as a source of vegetables for the home. Since this year began, we have experienced a dry season which has slightly distorted our usual harvest schedule. However, with mulching and watering the gardens, we have been able to get enough vegetables from our own gardens to make sure the children are eating healthy food.

Below are the photos:

A Photo showing cleared land for crops to be planted next month.

On the farm, we have continued with our daily activities of caring for the rabbits, goats, cows, and pigs. The number of the rabbits has increased and the children have enjoyed eating some rabbit meat.

  Below are the photos:

In case of any questions concerning the food relief program please feel to contact us.

Thanks for saving lives.

Regards, Doreen Tigah, Director Miryante Community Center