July Newsletter 2021


I would like to thank you for the continued support that you render to us throughout this pandemic period which started in March 2020. In June the president re-imposed another lockdown for 42 days due to the rising number of coronavirus cases. Sadly all schools, higher learning institutions, churches and public places were closed and mass gatherings were prohibited.  

On behalf of Miryante am here to thank you all for your continued support despite the pandemic. 

 Home activities

Our children in the home have continued following a programmed timetable and these activities keep them occupied. Activities include: gardening work, compound cleaning, revising books, rearing goats, rabbits, cows and pigs and other so many activities. Below are in photos:


We are pleased to inform you about the overwhelming performance of our candidates that sat for their Primary leaving exams. They passed their exams and are happy and excited to join secondary school. We have a teacher and two social workers at are helping the children to study while schools are closed which has maintained their educational progress.  

Below is a photo showing some of our children cheering after learning they passed their exams.

Wellbeing and healthcare.

We would like to let you know that all our children are in good health and we haven’t registered any serious medical cases. Some of our staff are vaccinated and we are looking forward to vaccinate all our children if this becomes possible. The nurse is doing a great job of taking the children with chronic medical conditions to their regular hospital visits.

Farming and gardens.

Under the agriculture department, as the drought is still on, the children are doing a great job of mulching and watering the vegetables such as pumpkins, spinach, and carrots. The children help out in the gardens.

Foster program.

We want to take this opportunity to let you know that all our children in foster care in the community are doing well. They are happy with the food relief that they receive monthly and other support given to them.

Buyende Project

Our project in Eastern Uganda is also doing well. We thank the Lord who has kept them alive. The food relief program has really helped to improve their health. This is especially important because their medication has to be takes 3-4 times a day with food. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for the unwavering support rendered to the organization; this has kept us moving forward.  We as an organization have been recognized because of greater works throughout the Buyende Thank you.

The food relief program has given our children and their families hope to live and the other basic needs since all the families are vulnerable and even more so with the pandemic. The organization came up with a strategy of distributing food in homes with strict guidelines to ensure that our children have long term food security. Photos showing food deliveries to different families are as below;

Children from nearby places were physically called to pick food at office, and below are some of their photos;


Most importantly when children feel happy and look good, it helps to create and boost self-confidence, foster good decision making and improve the child’s self-esteem. Children use their appearance as a vehicle for self-expression at younger ages, the organization has greatly helped in enhancing on the children’s looks by decently dressing them and giving them a timely checkup to ensure that they a living happily. Below are photos of how good our children look with lovely smiles.