Newsletter December 2021


Hello Everyone,

We as Miryante are thankful for how far the Lord has brought us through the year and all the support that has been granted to our children. We are overwhelmed and grateful for the generosity you have shown us through all forms of giving. However much we were affected by COVID-19, we did not lag behind and our children continued receiving great care throughout the year.

We want to share with everyone that there have been some management and policy changes to Miryante Children's Home in January. The new management has decided that they are going to be running the program with funds from different donors. Miryante Community Centre is now going to be supporting only children placed in foster care. Unfortunately, this means that there will be some sponsorship changes. We are very sorry for this, and have reached out to all sponsorships that have been affected. Please know all children are still receiving good care, it's just that some of them will no longer be receiving services through us anymore. Also, please know should there be any future changes to the policy, we are ready to offer services to all the kids we can!

We are highly thankful for all kind of donations that were given to our children. They all received their Christmas gifts and were extremely happy. We really appreciate our donors, friends, and well-wishers that always bring joy to our children’s lives. May the Almighty Lord abundantly bless you.



Our children celebrated Christmas day with joy and smiles over their faces and in a best style. They were given Christmas packages which include shoes, dresses, trousers, shirts, under wear etc. Thank you to all the donors who sent a little extra something for their kids. And a huge thank you to BOTH Sill Families and the Bechtold Families for their Christmas donation! This was done to ensure that all get fitting sizes and on Christmas Eve a cow as slaughtered. On the 25th  of December , 2021 , our children really rejoiced for the birth of Jesus Christ where they first went to church dresses in their lovely new attires looking smart and after service later in the afternoon ,they had  a party where they had entertainment and were served a delicious meal accompanied with sodas i.e. rice , meat, matooke , Irish potatoes, fish soup, groundnuts. A huge thank you to the Baker Family for sponsoring this Christmas meal! below are the photos:


The nurse is doing a great role to ensure all children are living a healthy life. She reminds the ones that have to take their medication in time and makes a daily routine check up to all the sick. The hygiene and sanitation are generally good and children are always kept clean.


Our children are always counseled about being well disciplined children, being clean always to prevent unhygienic diseases i.e cholera, diarrhea. They are also taught about career guidance for their education studies in order to help them


The children that are helped within the community are really doing well, some started up agricultural projects which are supervised by our social workers. They are also provided with basic necessities such as toothpaste, brushes, sanitary towels, soap, clothes, food etc during the visits made. They were also happy to receive their Christmas as well as their food package and were thankful for them. Perhaps they are now preparing to start schooling since schools are about to open.

Below are the photos:  

Buyende Project

The children in Buyende also celebrated Christmas with a meal and new clothes. We also had a donation of fortified mana pack food to our children in the Buyende program. This is especially important at these kids all have medical conditions which require good nutrition in order for them to maintain their health.