January Newsletter 2022


We want to take this great opportunity to thank everyone who has endeavored to support Miryante Community Centre; we couldn’t do what we are doing without your support both in prayer and finances. There are many smiles on the faces of the children, lives are changing and we give all glory back to God and we say thank you for trusting and loving us.


Currently our economy in Uganda most of the sectors were officially opened from the COVID 19 lockdown which has eased our monthly visits for our children within the communities under foster care program. First and foremost, as Miryante Community Center staff we wish you a Happy New Year. We are greatly thankful for all our dear donors for the kind of support you have granted to us throughout the previous year and we pray may the good Lord continue protecting and providing for us all.


 We also want to let you know that at the beginning of this year some new children were registered as a part of our program.

Photos of the registered children.


We were extremely very happy to receive our visitors from Circleville, Ohio Rotary Club of United States of America. Our children were really excited to have so much fun with them. The children danced, sang and had played different games activities with them such as yoga, puzzles, parachutes, and bouncing balls. The visitors also taught them about farming in America and helped to plant vegetable gardens with greens and egg plants.The children also received different kinds of gifts from the visitors. Many of the donors were happy to meet up and interact with the children they sponsor. We are greatly thankful for the love that was showed to our children. It brought a smile to their faces. Below are the pictures:

A picture of our donors with the children of Miryante Community Centre

The visitors being taught how to dance Bakiga and Batooro cultural dance

Our donor teaching children how to do yoga excercises

Children singing and performing a cultural dance for the visitors


Children being given gifts from our donors.

Children were taught the process of how to plant greens and egg plants

Our donors were also happy to meet and interact with some of the children in our program with disabilities. They colored pictures and played some games with them. Below are the photos of them which potrayed a picture of all children from different backgrounds.


Many women are being reached out in different communities/backgrounds especially those that are sexually abused and the vulnerable ones. Our social workers make routine follow-ups on them with their families and always encourage them to nurture their children as well as engage in entrepreneur skills. The political women leaders also get involved with them and we also organize days where they are trained various skills like craft work, making of baskets, liquid soap making, tailoring, sanitary pads making and form different groups during the trainings. The women were also happy to see the donors during their visits and taught them how to weave baskets. Below are the photos

The visitors being taught how to make baskets


Our children went back to school with a lot of excitement and were encouraged to concentrate on their studies in order to fulfill their future careers. They had a very long COVID-19 holiday and the ones in secondary were vaccinated before reporting back to school. Some joined new schools and others remained in their previous ones. All were provided with scholastic materials and also those in boarding section were provided with basic necessities like soap, night wears, uniforms, casual clothes, sanitary towels, shoes, socks, snacks etc. School fees/tuition was also fully paid to each child both primary and secondary.  Going back to school extremely created joy to them. Below are the photos:

Our children happily reaching school



We received a donation of a new motorcycle from the Circleville, Ohio Rotary Club in partnership with the Rotary Club of Mubende Metro. We are humbly thankful. It will help us ease our field work services to the children and reach out to a variety of communities. Scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, and bags, basic necessities like boxes of tissue, soap, shoes, medical equipment and clothes were also provided to us. We are greatly thankful for all forms of support granted to us and the warm visits by our dear donors. Below is the photo of the Motorcycle:


A newly starting home for children is still in the process of being constructed and it’s located in Mubende district of Uganda. A shallow well is being built and soon will be connected with pipes. The pit latrines is undergoing construction and are as well getting finalized. The water tank is already set up.  The proper hygiene of our children and safe water is very important to our program, and this is why this was prioritized. All of these things were donated by Circleville, Ohio Rotary Club in partnership with the Rotary Club of Mubende Metro

Below are the photos:

Above is the water tank that was completed to be constructed

Above is the shallow well that was constructed

Above is the toilet that is still under construction


Because of your monthly support, our children have been provided with nutritious food. Our social workers make monthly visits to children within communities and provide to the children’s families with food. This has brought a smile to the children’s faces and are looking healthy. We really appreciate your support towards them.

Below are the photos of one of the families that received food:

Farming and gardening

Some of our children that started up agricultural projects are managing them well. Although we were in a dry season, this has not discouraged them. There were some that harvested. The social workers help in monitoring them and encourage the children to always help their guardians in farm work activities during the weekends when they are free from school.