April Newsletter 2022

Hello all! This is to appreciate you all for your continuous support for Miryante Community Centre. Again, I thank you all for your contributions and commitment towards supporting our program. We are glad to inform you that we were given a van in-kind from Maryland, USA. This will help incredibly to improve the transportation of our kids with diverse mobility issues and our vulnerable women.



We are happy to let you know that our children are grateful and humbled for the love, care and support shown to them. The social workers always organise special days to meet them and they get a chance to develop a counselling relationship. Children are happy to learn new activities taught by the social workers i.e. they color pictures, were taught how to write letters to their sponsors and also learned how to pray. Breakfast and lunch are served to all of our kids when they visit the community centre. They also read story books, looked at photo albums with magazines, shared candy, and engaged in singing and dancing. They always feel excited whenever they meet with friends in the community.

Our children are visited in schools where they were given uniforms and all school fees were paid. They also did their end of term exams whereby most performed well and their reports were filed and kept by the social workers. They went on school break and currently are being encouraged to study for next term and complete their homework packages. The social workers gave out scholastic materials for next term. We greatly appreciate our dear donors for the support you give us and please know that they are motivated to achieve their career dreams.

Our children participate in different games and sports activities during centre days. They play games like football, round games, tag and war, cards, board games e.g. draft and jingle. They really find joy in playing together.

Since our children are under foster care, they were given gifts like clothes, knotted hand bags, shoes etc.. They were extremely happy and thankful to receive them. They went to church for prayers from their respective homes to rejoice the day of the risen King Jesus Christ. A party was organized for them. They danced, played and had a large meal thanks to the donation from Ghirmay Abraham. We were also able to hire a music system for dancing. It was a nice moment for them to interact and be together. We greatly appreciate the donations given to our dear children that made their day colorful.

Children are doing well health wise, they are always visited in homes to check on how they are doing as well as ensuring the sanitation and hygiene is proper where they stay. Our social workers follow up on health issues and children who are required to take chronic medication are encouraged to take their tablets regularly and also to take enough fluids and nutritious food. Pre-visits are made in hospitals for the children given appointments.

April was a month where we had one of our children celebrate her birthday. This was Cleophas’ birthday where she was surprised by her dear sponsor. Her friends joined her to celebrate with her on her special day and it was a colourful and joyous moment.

Women were mobilized in different communities to attend meetings that will collectively benefit their children in the future. Women got a chance of being trained by a representative from family and child protection unit office who taught them how to nurture their children in a proper way, support the talents, education, and professional careers of their children, and how to resolve family conflicts in order to be the best guardians/mothers for their children.

The construction for the Miryante Community Centre site is going on smoothly despite increased prices of materials, especially cement. However, the pit latrine is complete which was the only remaining project to be finished for our Rotary Club grant. The doors and windows were installed, the bathrooms were levelled and cemented. Supervision by the administrator is always done and all activities are going on well.

Currently we are in a rainy season which will approximately take three months. Our children planted their gardens where they first planted nursery beds and after two weeks they transplanted them to the main garden. Some of the crops that were planted were spinach, eggplants, vegetables and beans. The social workers taught them how to water the crops using watering cans, mulch, and create holes during planting. They were all eager to learn and practice what they were taught. We do believe by the end of the season they will be happy to eat their harvest.

Children are always supported with food in their respective homes. They appreciated the kind of humanity that is shown to them on a monthly basis. The social workers ensure each child is visited and given food. We are very thankful for the support granted to our dear children.


Our children in the East greet you all and hope that everyone is fine. The children are also fine and appreciate the endless support from their beloved donors. They received their first term holidays at the beginning of April and they are hoping to start their second term studies in early May. Please take a look on some of the activities we carried out on our centre days throughout the month of April.

Good hygiene is one of the best ways to protect our children from various diseases and also improve the quality of their lives in the community. Schools also encourage keeping children’s hair short to avoid the inconveniences of combing. Below are some of the photos showing the organization's barber Mr.Kimuli Fred trimming the hair of our children and how beautiful and neat they looked after.

We issue food to every child on our centre days. The organization ensures constant supply of food so as to fight starvation among our children and to make sure none of our children goes on an empty stomach.

Following the organization's slogan of helping one child and family at a time. The organization came up with a policy of goat rearing where a goat is given to each family. This is done to help families in providing supplementary income. (Secondary income with minimum investment) Goats provide milk to help them boost their immunity and if taken care of well, they can multiply. We take this opportunity to thank our donors for the support towards this goat project.

The month of April was holiday time for the children, our social workers encourage parents to teach children how to dig in order to utilize their ideally while on holidays, engaging them in activities that enhance their wellbeing is important in nurturing them. Agriculture is one of the key activities practiced in our society and also the primary source of stable food supply in the community.

Stories help to develop a child’s imagination by introducing new ideas into their world. It encourages children to realise that they can and should imagine anything they want. Story telling also introduces new vocabulary to children, boosts their reading and listening skills and pronunciations.

Coloring can be incorporated into art. Getting children to color helps to nurture them into artists and also helps them to relax their minds because they get to meet their friends and it is interesting.



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