June Newsletter 2022

Dear Beloved Donors, Sponsors, and friends:
Welcome to our June Newsletter. We are in the middle of the year and we thank God who has brought us this far. All our children are healthy and with great gratitude we thank all our donors who have enabled all activities to be of success. Lots of activities have taken place as shown below:


As usual, we always carry out center days where the social workers meet all the children together. Children share what they face in their daily lives and are advised accordingly. Different activities are always carried out i.e. coloring pictures, writing letters to sponsors, distributing clothes etc. The children are also encouraged to maintain proper hygiene. They also help to cut the grass in the compound as a way of beautifying the compound and preventing a bushy area. They always receive breakfast and meals on time. We are therefore happy to let you know that the children are fine and doing well.

Some donors from USA visited our office in their free time and delivered items like clothes, story books, play materials among others and they visit the site as well. This visit is mainly done to monitor the children they sponsor and to see how they are doing in school, with their health, and with their foster families. According to records and pictures from by social workers there is a great improvement in the children in terms of their health and emotional well-being. Below are the photos of one of our dear sponsors Mr. Michael Wilbanks and his son Patrick visiting our children.

Our children completed their beginning of term exams for the second term. Most of them performed well and their results are promising. School fees/tuition was fully paid for each child. We are greatly thankful to our dear donors for the support you contribute towards the children. You create a safe and happy environment for them.

As Miryante Community Center we have a structure which is acting as a store and also as the security guard’s accommodation. We have managed to install a solar panel which was donated by one of the Rotarians in the Ohio last year in December. The site looks more organized even in the night. This has also been one way of keeping the site secure. A qualified electrician was employed to do installing in the house and he did it well and the photo below can show more evident.

Children always play different games whenever they meet together. They play games like soccer, puzzles, cards etc. They feel good whenever they are playing, and this also helps them bond and create friendships.

Most of the children are doing well health wise. We had a few children with jiggers, but these cases were treated. Children with chronic illnesses go for hospital checkups and are supervised while taking their medication. Otherwise all is going on well in the children’s lives.

Children were reading stories using storybooks. They always enjoy this activity because they always want to know what will happen next. They brainstorm based on what they have heard and this helps them to learn. Such moments create happiness for them and it also teaches them to be attentive during class times while they are at school.

Some women were provided with items like food and books for the children. Other women received counseling on how to live in stable homes free of violence. The women are also counseled on caring for their children.

Currently it’s the dry season and crops are being harvested. Children harvested beans at the center, although the yields were not high because it has been a very short season. The vegetables are still growing and are always irrigated. The water source is also good and water is always pumped to the tank.

Children were given bags of maize flour. Food is always delivered to the children in foster care on a monthly basis. They are always happy and thankful whenever they receive the food. Thank you for the support you provide because it allows us to continue these food donations.


We are over joyed and humbled for the continuous support you render to us. The food donations have enabled our children to stay healthy, especially since all of these children have chronic medical conditions. May God always bless you for feeding them.

We are so grateful to our donors for the efforts put in and we appreciate them for the endless gratitude towards our lovely children. Two of our children received goats this month and both foster families was very happy. These goats will help them with supplementary income and are easy to graze since they don’t need a lot of space. Below are photos:

Building new confidence and skills in our children not only helps in healthy development, but also helps to enhance their emotional strength. Since they come from different backgrounds letting children together encourages brotherhood, learning from one another and also networking which helps in development and building confidence within them.

Agriculture plays a major and significant role in our economy. Training and teaching children garden work helps to nuture and empower them as future entrepreneurs since they gain skills as they grow. When food is available and in steady supply, it creates confidence and fights poverty in our community.


Teaching children how to develop a personal relationship with God helps them to grow spiritually and also to understand the will of God in their lives, forgiveness, and that no one makes perfect choices in life.