July Newsletter 2022

Director's Message

Dear beloved sponsors, donors and friends,

We greet you all. We thank the almighty God who has enabled us to reach this far. The children are all healthy and happy, thank you for the generous and never-ending support you always render to us. May the good Lord continue blessing you.

We must report that due to a prolonged drought in the country which resulted into famine in different areas, Miryante Community Centre decided to get a solar irrigation pump to help in farming activities like the growing of vegetables and other crops. Through doing this, Miryante Community Centre managed to became a leading supplier of vegetables in the community. Our children started eating a balanced diet almost daily because we were producing vegetables in plenty, and this improved their lives. What a wonderful investment in our area.

Construction of the MCC site is still ongoing. Currently a security fence is being constructed, helping both with staff and child safety. We also met with village leaders to discuss the issue of trespassing, and all concerns were successfully resolved. This is great progress for our efforts and community.


Program Updates

Education: Our children are always visited in both primary and secondary schools. Supplies they need at school were also delivered as the social workers check on their performance in class. According to reports collected and explanations from class teachers, most of our children performed well in their mid-term exams and are promising better results in their final exams. The teachers also tell us the children are well-behaved and well dressed.

Sports: One of the most important aspect of growing up is to have fun. Staff and social workers organizes a variety of different activities like foot ball, playing cards, basketball, and running. These activities have helped our children to become fit and healthy.

Culture: Our secondary students participated in entertainment activities at their school. Music, Dance and Drama Day was organized at their school to create entertainment competitions amongst four houses. The best house won a prize, and its members had a party as a prize. This event showcased folk songs, cultural dances, fashion competitions, skits, and miming.

Birthday Celebration: Birthday celebrations are not always possible, so a birthday party is extra special and makes the children feel good, special, and loved. According to Vincent Aijuka, who received a special sponsored birthday party, the celebration was an important moment in his life and he was happy joining together with his other fellow children as they enjoyed that day of his birthday. It was a surprise party from his sponsor Gwen Wolford, and it was amazing. Cakes and drinks were ordered that day and photos can show how the party went. This was such a generous treat for this young man and his friends!

Farming and Agriculture: Involving our children in hands-on activities allows them to explore and learn new concepts through experience. This will help them mature from hardworking children into adults who are dependent on their skills. It is Miryante’s hope that we are developing future entrepreneurs and useful self-employed people in the community.
Rearing goats is one of the most vital activities provided to our children by the organization. Providing a child with a goat teaches them and expands their opportunities. It also assists with wealth creation since goats occupy a small space and need a small grazing area but also can provide a source of milk and meat. Often these creatures help to provide children and their foster families with supplementary income. Below are some of our children with their own animals, provided through Miryante Community Centre.


Farming is one of the activities promoted to our sponsored children as a way to promote sound household diet. This is done with social workers and other instructors who teach the children how to make nursery beds, plant seeds, raise seedlings, water and transplant crops. Most of children are willing to learn and acquire knowledge and skills for health. This has also helped us to provide a balanced diet. The initiative is intended to build resilience as well as provide essential vitamins and minerals to vulnerable households. Our children rarely fall sick because they eat vegetables almost daily, and we are happy to report that their health has greatly improved. Besides that, solar pump irrigation machine is also being installed in place to simplify farming activities as one way of overcoming drought. We are proud of these advances and the skills we teach.


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