August Newsletter 2022


Dear Sponsors, Donors and Friends,

From Miryante, we greet you as beloved friends. We are pleased to report that all Miryante Community Centre children are fine and healthy, and we appreciate your generous and kind support. Thank you for always putting a smile on their faces. The month of August marked the beginning of second term holiday, and our children were having a break as they waited for the beginning of the third term.

Our Centre Days are such precious moments for the children who are able to meet together. During Center days this August, different activities were enjoyed by enrollees in the Mubende area. For example, all children participated in shading and trimming off hair, slashing the grasses, cleaning the compound, reading story books etc. As part of mentoring and teaching, children were instructed on how to have proper hygiene. This is done to ensure that they grow up considering cleanliness as one of the major priorities in life. They were also encouraged to have discipline and respect their elders/guardians.

We are so proud of our young people, and enjoy watching them grow into responsible young adults.

May God bless you.



Our children finished their second school term of the year and sat for their exams. Most had excellent performance, and we believe that with an emphasis on education and school visits with social workers continue to keep students motivated to achieve better grades. Holidays started on 29th July 2022 and will end on 5th September 2022. The children are enjoying their relaxing time and engaging in different holiday activities. They also received scholastic materials for next term. We really thank you our donors for the additional effort and support you contribute towards the children’s education.


Our children received gifts to support them in school. The children were excited and thankful to their donors’ unending love. They received boxes of pens, playing toys, clothes and mats etc. Huge thanks goes to Mihir Sanghrajka and Nitro Chemicals for their donation of pens to our kids. We also thank Jamil and Fatema for donating toys to our children. We also received donation of sanitary towels, which are critical for our adolescent girls.

Donor's Visit

A source of power is extremely important for the functioning of the Miryante Community Centre program. This month we want to thank Aptech Africa for giving us a solar pump irrigation machine as one way to overcome drought in the area. A loss of rain has deeply affected the production of food within the Miryante area. This solar pump system has enabled us to continuously grow vegetables such us cabbage, sukuma, tomatoes and onions, and our women were very happy and thankful to our donors. Women were taught how to operate the machine and skills as well.

Food Distribution

In August, our social workers delivered food as usual to our children. Each child received a bag of posho, which is critical for foster home health as most families face a challenge of food insecurity. Children and caretakers were thankful and appreciative for the support given to them. We advised the caretakers of these children to prepare meals in time to serve children food with their medication so that they swallow their drugs well. In the Miryante East program, each child happily received a bag of maize flour; this has enabled them to always have three meals a day. Thank you for efforts you put in to make sure that none of them suffer from an empty stomach. Manna pack rice was also issued. This rice contains most of the nutrients needed to boost our children’s immunity since most of them are HIV-positive. The children enjoy the rice so much and change is visible in their lives.

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