September Newsletter 2022


Hello our dear friends, sponsors and donors.
We welcome you all from the month of September, it hasn’t been that easy but we thank God who has kept all of us safe and that none has gone on an empty stomach. We are glad to let you know that all the kids are in school. Thank you for always supporting us and making all this happen.
On a sad note; Uganda has been hit with a dangerous virus called Ebola. It started from Mubende and Kyegegwa districts which are part of the areas we are operating in. The government together with the essential workers is putting all measures in place for the virus not to spread to other districts. The virus has claimed lives of Ugandan,s but we are praying to God that it also passes.


Our Centre days are conducted weekly and it’s a special moment for our children to enjoy staying together. Different activities are done by children that help them boost up their self-esteem and building confidence. Children learnt how to lead prayers before having meals, sing different songs together and also learn to be sympathetic to others through sharing things like food. Cleanliness and being smart is emphasized in our children. Below are the photos:

Our children both primary and secondary went back to school for their term three with fully paid school fees, scholastic requirements like books, pens, mathematical sets, soap, sugar and pads for girls above 12years.They were encouraged to concentrate on their books and regular attending of classes for better results to fulfill their future careers. However, the Western part of Uganda got an outbreak of Ebola disease with few reported cases and our children in the boarding section are not allowed to leave school as a way of keeping them safe. Our children receive quality education at all levels they reach and this all happens because of the effort and support contributed to them by our dear donors which has extremely created joy and peace of mind for them.

This is more of follow up done by the social workers to visit various schools where our children study from. A group of social workers interacted with the class teachers about their performance, attendance, discipline and class participation as well. According to the reports gathered, most of our children are well behaved, social and some are prefects in their respective schools.

Our main concern is the health status of our children, without good health we cannot do anything. Social workers always make visits to the homes of our children mainly to check how children are doing, hygiene and we found that some children were still having jiggers and they were provided with treatment. Parents and care takers of these children were encouraged to improve good hygiene of these children and their houses for example, bathing daily, wear clean clothes and the ones on medication to always take their medicine well. We also have regular visit of health centers where our children get medication from to see how they are copying up.

We are happy to let you know that swings were purchased and are yet to be installed by end of October. This is going to help our children bond together and becoming social. It’s also going to help them enhance their activeness when playing together and liking playing more various games. We sincerely thank our sponsors for this wonderful contribution.

Our children received donations of clothes from Daniel Abraham and his family. They were generally happy on receiving the many clothes and were greatly thankful. We also thank Rotary Club of Lancaster for the great donation of a heifer with a given name of Shepardson. We do believe children will enjoy milk after it gives birth. We humbly appreciate the great work towards our children.

Sports and games are very important to the health of our children as we all know that. Having fun in life with one another helps our children to develop/grow faster, reduces stress, helps in development of languages, develop their finer and large muscles, body balance, development of senses as children use eyes, ears, nose, tongue, fingers and feet. It also helps to build their emotional development like they learn to accept defeat, to be kind and helpful, it also enables them learn to think as they solve problems while playing, creativity is developed as children make materials using different objects etc. Social workers take much of their time giving them various games to play like football, netball, playing cards, hide and seek. This helps them to build their talents and make new friends.

Community outreaches were conducted as a way forward of empowering women that need finacial support. Different families were visited facing economic challenges and some that are in vulnerability state. Its during the visits that we identified one of the beneficiary that had a child with autism problem who could not walk and talk, finds difficulties in holding items and can only crawl. The 7 year old boy known Mukonyezi Talemwa is currently seeking for assistance. However, basic necessities were provided to some families and psychosocial support was also provide.

Currently we are in a wet season and receiving plenty of rain. Crops are growing properly and fertilizers are applied continuously. Children participate in the garden work and enjoy plucking the grown up vegetables. They also enjoy taking care of the cows around the garden.

Due to continuous support from our beloved sponsors, our children were able to receive food for the month. Food given to them has greatly improved their standards of living in terms of health most especially children who do take ARVS drugs and contributed to their growth and boosted their immune system because of the additional supplements to their meals. Social workers visited children within communities and delivered them food. Our humble appreciation goes to our donors for good work done to our fellow brothers and sisters.

The month of October marked the end of second term holidays. Our children started their third term which is the last term of the year and will be promoted to next levels respectively. Scholastic materials were distributed evenly to each as to enable them kick off immediately with school. We are happy to let you know that all of them are in school and we appreciate your never ending efforts to make all this happen.

Despite the poor weather, we managed to move around some of the foster homes to check on our children. We always monitor their wellbeing, health, check if they are at school and also just talk to parents some of the challenges they may be facing in their daily life and how best they can be mitigated.

Involving children in recreative activities rejuvenate their minds and helps them to develop and build their imaginations by introducing new ideas into their world. Ideas about fantastical objects that can be made with just playing around with a piece of paper, It encourages children to realize that they can and should imagine anything and put it into existence. Below are some of the photos showing art shadings, boats, hand fans, flowers, shirts and many others. This made them feel happy and special.

As our monthly routine, food is issued to our children to help them not to go on empty stomachs as most of them are on medication; it has kept them healthy and happy. Thank you for making this happen.

Miryante community Centre children are so grateful and thankful for the unwavering support rendered to them. This has kept us moving forward. Thank you.