November Newsletter 2022

Dear our beloved sponsors, Donors and friends.
Miryante Community Centre children greet you all. We thank the almighty God who has enabled us to reach this far. The children are all healthy and happy, thank you for the generous and never ending support you always render to them. Our beloved children have received their school holidays for the last term and am glad to let you know that all of them have been promoted to their next classes respectively. Thank you for always paying their dues on time and creating a better foundation for them, May the good Lord continue blessing you. Some of the activities we carried out this month are as below.


Our centre days are conducted every Saturday. We always make sure all the children attend and share issues they face at homes and school. It’s really an interesting moment when children of different backgrounds come together and meet as brothers and sisters. It’s during these centre days that different activities are done like singing, dancing, shading, shaving off their hair among others.

As result of Ebola outbreak in Mubende district, this month we had more of home visits than center days because of lock down that was put by the government to help reduce on the spread of Ebola. Our social workers visit homes of children and its during these visits that our social get to know the children’s sanitation at home and children’s standards of living have greatly improved.

Our children finished term three which marked the end of year 2022, they have done end of year exams and promoted to other classes. Our social workers have always made regular visits to schools to check on our children’s progress and this has helped them maintain good grades.

All schools where instructed by the ministry of education to close by 25th November because of Ebola virus that had started spreading in schools. The government came up with this decision in order to control the spread of Ebola virus since it was spreading very fast in schools. Since the holiday is very long, we are organizing a holiday program for engaging our children in different holiday activities.

Some of our students who sat for PLE:

We are glad to say that most of our children are in a good health condition. The social workers play their roles to make sure that the children are given good care in terms of treatment most especially those who take ARVS drugs and other diseases like ring worms, jiggers etc. We have not yet received any case of Ebola in any of Despite of Ebola situation that has affected the entire district of which our biggest area of operation, this hasn’t stop us from running our weekend program.

We engage our children in different game activities like football, running, bouncing balls, storytelling, skipping ropes etc. and through these activities most of our children have developed different talents. This has also enabled them to bond as brothers and sisters. We also distribute clothes and other gifts at least once a month. Below are photos showing the children wearing new clothes that were donated to them and shoes.

Site clearance is a fundamental part of construction which involves activities like waste clearance. There has been a lot of work done at the construction site throughout the month of November. Activities include; leveling of land by digging down the ant hills and removing tree logs to make a way for the building process. Ii can now say our site is clear and ready for the building process. Thank you so much our sponsors for the support you give us.

Under agriculture, we planted a variety of vegetables like sukuma, green paper, egg plant tomatoes and other crops like maize and beans.

We give out food support to our children every month and our children have been provided with food and we ensure they don’t starve or go to school on empty stomachs. Our social workers make monthly visits to children within their communities and provide food. This has brought a smile to the children’s faces and they are looking healthy. We really appreciate your support towards them.



This month we have access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and preferences for an active and healthy life. On our Centre day, we issued a bag of flour to each child. The children were over joyed as they received food. Their foster families are always grateful too.

With the help of our social workers, our children always have a lovely and good time meeting together and play various games. These games include football, ball dodging, rope skipping and many others. Playing together encourages cooperation and sharing, resilience and building relationships among themselves, team work and self-discipline, etc.. The children also learn to control and channel negative feelings and emotions in positive way. Thank you for donating the game materials to them and making them happy kids.


We are glad to inform you that the goats are doing well, with the help of our social workers, inspections and follow-ups are always made to monitor on the health and give advice where need be. Goats are wonderful animals and easier to look after because they mature very fast, thrive on leaves, shrub and kitchen wastes. They can also be raised on a small piece of land which is a favorable condition for the foster families. We are hoping for more as we look forward to achieving supplementary income through milk which provides enough nutrients to our children. Goat’s waste also creates supplementary income to help the livelihood of the families.

Miryante Community Centre East children are so thankful and always keep you in their prayers.