September 2015

Greetings from Miryante Orphans’ Home and School!

The children and the staff are doing well this month. We appreciate the love that you do share with the children here. Thank you for our sponsors and churches that give us donations every month. The children are assured of at least three meals everyday which is every child’s right to have food. The three meals include breakfast, lunch (which they always pack on school days) and supper. All the children are healthy.

Early this month, we received three children. These include Mary Komulembe, Christopher Tumwine and Luke Byaruhanga. The three are of the same father and mother. The lost their parents due to HIV early this year. The three were living in a house on their own. Mary has some developmental disabilities but is so friendly to the little ones. These pictures were taken on their first day to Miryante. The nurse tested them for HIV. Later they were helped to remove jiggers from their feet with the help of Isaac one of the students from the technical school. (Jiggers are insects children get in their feet by walking barefoot. The insects lay eggs under the skin and the egg sacs have to be removed with a needle).

Sept 15 1 Sept 15 2 Sept 15 3


Early this month, we visited Ms Gorretti. She is one of the families Miryante helps support. She is lame and she is a single mother of six children. Gorretti is physically disabled and after hearing this from the leader of disabled people in the district as the Miryante team we visited her and donated a pair of crutches to support her.

Sept 15 4 Sept 15 5 Sept 15 6


This month we were able to donate some new clothes to the children. Every child feels happy when she or he receives new clothes. These little ones couldn’t wait for this moment to come. I know how hard and expensive it is to maintain children but we are grateful to our donors for these wonderful donations that come in on monthly basis. I want to assure you that our children have never lacked. Their lives are full of testimonies. Below is the picture of the children posing in new clothes.

Sept 15 7



During the first week of this new school term we found that a number of the younger children cannot walk the 5 kilometer distance to school. Currently we have about ten little children that will study at the orphanage this year until they gain strength to join the rest of the children who walk every day to the primary school. One of our caretakers is a trained school teacher so she is tutoring the younger children at the Miryante Home.

Sept 15 8 Sept 15 9 Sept 15 10

The campaign to put fire extinguishers in all the dormitories is still on. This month we have added two for the school. There is now one in the classroom block and another at the administration block at the Technical School. This is to meet national standards for safety in the Home and School.

Sept 15 11


Technical school

The students at the technical school have all reported for classes which begin again this term. The brick laying class is working on building a small kitchen structure for the Technical School teachers.

Sept 15 12 Sept 15 13

Tailoring class making table cloths

Sept 15 14

Carpentry class fixing broken shelves.

Sept 15 15

Our piggery project has grown big. We now have 13 piglets on the farm.

Sept 15 16 Sept 15 17

We are so happy to be able to give you these updates on our project. Thank you so much for your continuous support that allows us to help these kids.