November 2015


Greetings from Miryante Home and School!

The children and staff from both school and home send you greetings. We are humbled to have your assistance and we greatly appreciate your love and kindness that you share with us every day. This has really been a progressive year for the Organization with a lot of good things taking place here. We are happy to have a home that can provide basic needs to our children and also a home that everyone looks at in the community.

A report about our children

All the children are in good health and all going to school. We have eleven candidates that sat for primary seven leaving exams. We are around 10 little children that cannot walk a long distance who study in the dining hall at the orphanage. The children are all happy and they all feel blessed for you changing their lives. They now see a bright future ahead of them. This comes with a big smile we share with you.

1 2

The children do enjoy their stay here. This term every weekend they have been competing with the villagers in a football match and our children have proved to be stars. They have made a strong football team for both the orphanage and the Vocational school. As the boys are on the pitch playing, the girls sing and drum while the rest join in the dance including some of our volunteers as shown below!

The boys shown below celebrating after their win with refreshments.


The Vocation School closed on 25TH of November 2015. Those of secondary school that go to King Solomon broke off on 24th of November 2015 and the young children in the primary section will break off on 4th of December 2015. This vacation is about three months. The children will start school on 23 of Feb 2016. This is going to be the longest holidays for our children because of the Presidential elections that will take place in February 2016.

Activities planned for the children during the holidays;

Activities our children will be doing over their holiday include harvesting Irish potatoes and beans, planting avocado trees, orange trees, Mango trees, papaya trees and vegetables with the help of the volunteers. The planting is compulsory for the elder children and the harvests are only done by the little ones under the supervision of the caretakers. Below are some of the photos for volunteers helping in fencing the fruits garden and the also planting vegetables.

5 6

Volunteers! We have been blessed with various volunteers that have helped us in various fields at the orphanage. These include Hermann Allerstrofer from Austria who has helped us fix our taxis, plant trees, and also fix the broken toilets in the volunteers’ house. Gordon Cross from scotland has helped us to teach the infants class and also opened up a vegetable garden with different varieties of vegetables. Laura Corcoran, Adolf Ayesiga and Dr. Craig Conard have helped with the children’s check-ins and also teach the Vocational school students and Miryante orphans that are leaving the home this year a specialized health curriculum.

7 8

Hermann                                                 Gordon

9 10

Laura and Adolf                             Dr. Craig


The children managed to plant three acres of beans and one acre of Irish potatoes with the help of the caretakers. They are now harvesting and we are expecting better yields as seen below.

11 12

Children harvesting beans and Irish potatoes

We have several children at the project who are malnourished. To address this problem, we applied for food aid from the NGO Feed Our Starving Children. The food we received is high in protein and will help the special needs children who need this. Below is pictured donation from Feed My Starving Children of 36 boxes of food mixed with rice, chicken, beef, and other body building foods.


Thank you so much to everyone for their generous support to the project. We feel incredibly blessed and we wish everyone a joyous holiday season. God Bless You All!