August 2015

Greetings from Miryante!

We are so grateful to have you as friends, parents and as donors. You have made the children glad here. You have made Miryante Orphans home a home, hope and a future for the children. No person has visited Miryante and remained the same. All is well with the children and the staff here at Miryante Home and school.

The Vocational school closed on 7TH of August 2015 and the young children in the primary section broke off on 15th of August 2015 a week after. As management we also appreciate the caregivers that stay with these children around the orphanage. As we all know children are never easy to deal with since they all come from different places and different cultures, bringing them up and raising them is quite challenging but they do try their best.

During this school holiday, we have had a number of activities at the orphanage; Digging has been compulsory for the elder children only done in the morning, picking rubbish around the home and school for the little ones, grazing cattle for the middle aged boys, cleaning the dining hall for the middle aged girls, kitchen work and games are compulsory after 4:00pm. After lunch coaching is compulsory for the young children, this is always done by Mr. Billy Stephen who is our Social worker currently.

Below are some of the photos showing children participating in kitchen work and volleyball;

Aug 1

Aug 2

This month of August has been a busy month for our guardians to come check on the children. We appreciate the good work done by the caregivers to keep these children in good health since there has been a big change in these children’s lives in both their social, formal and moral upbringing from the time we got them from the different communities.

Below is Agnes, Peter, Irene and their mother checking on their performance and progress in school;

Aug 3

In addition to the above, mid this week we had an exercise with the boys and the staff on how to use fire extinguishers and how to hang them on the hall. It was a good exercise for the staff and the children. We have so far bought two, one for the library and the other for the dining hall. We hope to keep buying two every month till each dormitory gets one because it’s a necessity for all homes and schools all over the country.

Below are some of the photos showing some of the boys learning how to hang and also operate the fire extinguishers;

Aug 5Aug 4


On 15th of this month was our anniversary when Miryante Home made seven years, this was a great day for the staff and the children. We had a delicious meal of meat, juice, cassava bread, fish, and G. nuts. We later had a cinema night till mid-night.

Below are some of the photos showing the children drinking, watching and eating;

Aug 6 Aug 7

This has also been a hectic week of general cleaning. We hired two machines to help in clearing the compound and fencing around to help in keeping the children in one place and also to improve on the physical appearance of the environment at large. Below is part of the slashed compounds;


Aug 8 Aug 9


Stanbic Bank Mubende visiting Miryante Orphans Home

The15th of this month was such a wonderful day; we received visitors from Stanbic bank. We received the regional manager, Manager Mubende branch and two other staff members. The team donated five buckets, 2dozen of basins, 24 aprons and three big books of bar soap. Later on, the visitors gave a speech and also moved around the site. This was also accompanied by an entertainment by the home children. In addition to the above were more buckets that were also bought by the home as shown below;



Aug 10 Aug 11


Below are the Stanbic Bank visitors together with our home children on their donated aprons;

Aug 12 Aug 13


Below are the visitors watching our dormitories;



Aug 15 Aug 14

The above are some of the donations offered to the home by the visitors which will help improve on the hygiene in our dormitories around the home.

 Aug 16

Volunteers! This summer we have been blessed with two volunteers. Petra was our volunteer from Hungary. She has been handling a class of the young children after lunch and learning about nonprofit and NGO management. Laura is working on the check-ins for children and website updates. Currently Laura has got a series of topics to handle with the students that will be graduating from the home and those of the technical school till November

Aug 17


Petra on the left and Laura on the right and side.



We are glad to report to you about our cattle project. This season we have been blessed with an agricultural officer. The cows get sprayed twice a week. This makes them look healthy and also prevents them from being attacked by some skin diseases. We have also managed to open up another banana plantation of 2acres which is close to the orphanage for easy management. This time round we have had seasonal changes. It’s still very dry but we have managed to plant 2 acers of beans and we are waiting for the rains to plant 4 more acers using the 120kgs donated from the district. Our plan is to plant at least 3acers of maize, 3acers of sweet potatoes, half an acer of Irish potatoes and 4 acers of cassava.

Aug 18



120kgs of beans donated by the District for planting.

Aug 19


Above are our cattle being grazed.