June 2015

Greetings from Miryante


Hello to all friends of Miryante Orphans Home and School!

All is well here, the children are doing well, there are 120 children in the home now, and they have returned to school for the second term - from June to August. The young children do remedial studies after lunch which is compulsory.

Jun 15 1 Jun 15 2 Jun 15 3

One of our caretakers Kellen is in charge of these classes being helped by Ms. Lydia Kaliisa who is doing her internship with us. The children seem to be enjoying these classes and we see a big change since last term. After the remedial classes the children go have games.

Jun 15 4 Jun 15 5


In June we got a student from Uganda Christian University and she is doing her internship with us in the field of social work. Her name is Lydia Kaliisa. She is staying with us till September.

Jun 15 6

In the coming months we will have more volunteers - Petra will join us in July, and Laura is planning to come in early August,

so it will be an excellent summer.

Jun 15 7 Jun 15 8


All our animal projects are doing well and this time we have the pigs appear in our report after some time. The two are pregnant and this time as management we are planning not to sell piglets so that the farm also grows big.


Vegetable gardens

After serious advice from Dr. Craig and Laura on how to improve the children’s diet and the donation of vegetable seeds for St. Peter’s church and Laura’s family, we have managed to expand the vegetable gardens this season and the children are really getting enough vegetables from the home. All these gardens are managed by the children themselves who water them in the evening after classes.

Jun 15 9 Jun 15 10

Doreen, Eve and Annette picking Sukuma weki.

Jun 15 11

This month we conducted interviews for teachers at the vocational school. This was done in subjects like Maths, English, Entrepreneurship, Hair dressing, Carpentry and Joinery, Brick laying, Tailoring, Security guarding and Agriculture. Announcements were put on radio and passed on in churches. We had many applications and the board short listed them.

During the interviews.

Jun 15 12 Jun 15 13

As management, last month we expanded our services to the community. We visited one family that was completely vulnerable. The old man is blind and the grandson who is 22years old completely handicapped. We managed to donate them two blankets and two mosquito nets.


Jun 15 14 Jun 15 15


We would like to thank all our friends, supporters and sponsors and to wish you a very happy summer and relaxing holidays.