Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante home and school. We love you all; we do appreciate all the love and kindness you do share with us by providing to us all the basics that have enabled us to keeping running for all this period. All of our children went on their holidays from school on 29th of November 2019. The majority of our children performed well on their exams and were promoted to other classes. Some will be joining the technical next year. Below are photos showing students of King Solomon boarding school offloading their luggage as they came back from school.

We also take to the opportunity to thank Laura and the husband Ambrish who always come around almost every weekend to spend time with the children. While here, they do advise us on the technical things to be done to help the institutions run and also sharing love with the children.

We have managed to come up with holiday programs to keep the children busy around the home. These programs run from Monday up to Sunday and these activities include; fellowship every Thursday, revision, watching movies, cow grazing, rabbit and goat rearing, planting crops, slashing the compound, digging , tailoring and knitting, football every evening and other games. This has helped our children learn more skills and it has helped them to keep busy since they are occupied throughout the holiday.

We received 60boxes of manapack rice the food that all the children enjoy most. This food is a miracle working food with all the nutrition boosters in it.  


We have just finished the school year and all our children worked hard to be promoted to other classes. Most of our children in primary school and secondary school passed highly in grade I and some grade II.  In addition, at the technical school, our children are performing very well especially in practical work and they have learnt many skills in different courses. We held an academic meeting at the orphanage, announced the children with the best performance, and encouraged others to add more efforts in their studies where necessary.

Since our vocational school is the only one registered with a centre number for national exams, we hosted students from Wekomiire vocational school to take exams at our school.

Our technical school closed on 23rd of November. We did a stock take before all the departments handed over their respective departments to go for holidays. Below are photos showing machines and other tools before they were stored.

Donation of sewing machines:

 We received a donation of seven electrical sewing machines from Uganda Association of Private Technical Institutions. These machines will be put into use next year.

Due to the hailstorm that destroyed almost all our crops and vegetable in October, we wrote to the Office of Disaster at the district that later received a donation of rice. As Miryante Home we were given 300kgs

On 21/11/2019, we held an internal health check program where our nurse first sensitized our children on hygiene measures, nutrition awareness, sanitation and later screened our children for malnutrition.  Below are photos of children being measured using MAC (Measurement of Arm Circumferance).

Under agriculture, we have replanted our vegetable garden that was washed away by a heavy hailstorm in October. We have planted a number of vegetables like kale, green paper, carrots, pumpkins, dodo, eggplants and tomatoes. Below are photos showing the garden

Thanks very much to our dear donors for the wonderful contributions towards Miryante Orphans Home and school. By your support, we exist.