Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Home and School. We really love you all and we pray for you every day to have life. This month has been filled up with visitations to our 35 children that are attending different boarding school. This started on October 6th and went up to the 27th of October. We visited our children in King Solomon Kyatega, Kiganda High School, St. Thomas, and St. Peters’ technical school.  The children’s performance was promising, especially for the senior four candidates. They also looked happy and healthy; we gave them scholastic materials like pens, books, pencils etc and other things like fruits and juice as shown in the pictures below:

We also received different donations from the Patel community which has been a blessing to our orphanage. From Prime Impex and Sawan Zakharia, we received dozens of books, pens, and reams of paper. From the Patel Family we received Diwali biscuits, and from Manoj and Ritu we received colorful t-shirts. The children and the staff feel blessed to have such nice people around them.

Gardens and the animals:

We received a very heavy hailstorm that washed away almost all our gardens including the banana plantation, cassava, beans, maize, all the vegetable gardens. The office also sustained some water damage, including to the electronics such as phones and computer that are kept there for charging. We also lost three of our calves. Above all, we thank God that no lives and structures were lost.

Thanks for your prayers and support, Management.