December Newsletter 2019


Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home. We such a wonderful festive season with a lot of eats and drinks. Our Christmas celebrations started as early as the 20th of December. It was also the first of its kind to have local people support our children here. Vision Fund Uganda, a local micro finance group affiliated to World Vision, visited us with a number of gifts for the children and the staff. These included: loaves of bread, sugar, salt, soap, cooking oil, rice, toilet paper, T-shirts for the staff, and also a cake that we all shared with everyone.

Christmas did not stop with the World Vision’s donations. The excitement increased when all the children were able to make selections with the help of the caregivers to pick out underwear, belts, shoes and clothes for Christmas. Thanks to all our donors that helped us to make it colorful.

On the eve of Christmas. Our children helped to peel matooke and Irish potatoes.

The day started with breakfast for all the children before going to church.

The children couldn’t wait to go to church with their new clothes as shown in the photos below:

  The children help to decorate the church as shown above.

We had a variety of food for our Christmas meal which gave the children a chance to choose want they want. We had rice, plantains, cassava, potatoes, groundnuts sauce, fish, beef, pork, spaghetti and sodas as shown in the photos below:

Trip to the Zoo

The Trip to Entebbe Zoo was so much fun! The children said it was the best trip ever. We started our journey at 3am in the morning and one of our children, Sunday Clovice, led us in prayer to bless our journey. The children were able to see different animals that was very exciting. They especially liked the baboons because they had similar names to theirs.   The children later had their lunch and later we drove to Entebbe airport and the kids were able to see some airplanes though they remained in the bus as they observed them take off. We later started our journey back a bit early. We had our last stop over in Mubende along the high way for: roasted meat, cassava, bananas, and chicken. As shown Below:

Photos showing children looking the eldest tree at the zoo

The carnival was also fun. The little children had lunch before they started their journey and at the carnival they had a dancing competition and eating competition as seen below:

Photos for children with their faces painted:

During this long holiday, we came up with a holiday programs where children had sports and games after their daily work.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support! We wish you all a happy 2020!