May 2019


Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante orphanage and school. We really love you all and we do appreciate all that you’re providing to us. We thank our dear sponsors Marty, Bogie, Natalie, and Patrick who visited us this month at Miryante Home. They showed us much love and care for the time they spent around. They bought two goats for meat roasting, donated a number of items which included maps, sharpeners, playing toys, etc.  The Miryante music and dance club entertained the visitors with songs and dances which the visitors enjoyed.  Below are a couple of pictures showing the visitors touring different departments with the help of the children.

Mugisa Nicholas was sponsored

 Our children both under the guardianship program and the orphans home are getting ready for the new term. Miryante gave them school requirements like books, pencils, new shoes for those who had worn out shoes and other requirements such as juice, sugar etc. We also fried for them hard corns which was harvested from the home garden. As shown in the pictures below:

We are also grateful for the grant of a new pit latrine donated to us by Fr. David Baumgartner. The children and the staff were all happy and the old one was demolished.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank  Mr. Chirag of Vision Impex for the  donations of 540 packets of sanitary pads (Feathers) and 940 packets  of toothpaste (Fresh Up) each with a toothbrush that will take us throughout the year. The children are really happy and thankful and also pleased for the times you visit them that shows the love you have for them.  Below are pictures  showing children receiving the pads , toothpaste  and brushes.

A story of the month about Kyalikunda aged five and Mugisha Nicholas aged Eight. We received two children  who were malnourished and suffering from jiggers which had attacked their entire body from community on 14th   May 2019.  In 2017, they lost their father to a certain disease that they didn’t know. Later their mother became mentally ill.  The mother was not able to provide food or shelter for the children.  They were later abandoned in some isolated old house. The Community members got concerned and told the chairperson who later brought them to the orphanage. We are glad to report that the children’s health is improving daily. Below are pictures of Kyalikunda and Mugisha Nicholas showing them at arrival and after two weeks .


ON the 13TH to 17th of May 2019, we had a BRO AND GLOW CAMP (Boys reaching out and Girls leading our world) at the orphanage which was led by Alex Rausch our Peace Corps volunteer working hand in hand with Miryante Staff as facilitators. The topics were Gender Equality, Leadership and Volunteerism, Reproduction health, Aspiration and Goals, Self-esteem and Confidence. This camp ended successfully and the children were awarded with certificates of participation on Friday when the workshop ended.

Below are the pictures showing children attending the camp.

We also received a number of donations for the children and caregivers from Laura’s friends. These included clothes, a couple of toys and shoes as shown below.

As a project at times we extend some support to the community when need arises. We especially do this for young mothers like the mother below who is struggling with some personal issues. We were able to support her with a number of clothes for her baby.

We are so grateful and we feel we can do what we do because of your support.

Miryante Management.