April 2019


Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante community. We really love you all and our best way to share this love is by sending you updates on whatever we are doing here. Below are the updates:

On the 26th of April, our children studying at King Solomon Kyatega went on Easter break. Their performance for the term was good.


We managed to provide assistance for a 16 year old mother from the surrounding Miryante village by giving her clothes for her baby, soap, oil for the baby and milk for one month. We also reported the man that had exploited her to the authorities and the man is now on run. A big thanks to our donors, we couldn’t do all this without your support.


We received 100 mango seedlings from Kyegegwa Local government and we have already planted them. The children love the project and we are sure it will be managed well with the help of our agriculture officer Mr. Moses who is helping us on this project.


Donations: We are also grateful for the wonderful donation of blankets for the little nursery kids from Patty Griebel. The children really like using them during class.


We also received a donation of one knitting machine from from Hermann Allerstorfer who also volunteered with us from Austria! Our tailoring class is one of the biggest classes at the technical school with a big turn up and some of their knitting machines have broken down. We also bought another three machines to add on the donation of one such that our students don’t miss out in class.


EASTER celebrations:  

The children had fun during the festival. It was such a long holiday for all of us here and it was also celebrated in style. We woke up at 6:00am to decorate the church then at around 10: 00 am mass started. Mass went up to 1:00 pm. We prepared a great meal and drinks as you see in the pictures below. Thank you to the families who donated for our Easter meal!



We also started the construction of our new pit latrine which will contain four stances and four bathrooms. We want to thank Fr. David Baumgartner who donated towards this.

We shall send you more details in May report after the construction is done.


The District Technical Committee visited us on the 23rd of April. The team was comprised of Residential District Commissioner, District Head of Departments headed by the Chief Administrative officer and some other politicians. The team was so impressed with all the activities that Miryante Orphans home is running and they promised to help us. where necessary The Chairperson Local Council Five and Residential District Commissioner emphasized that particular departments at the district should look into providing some support to Miryante in this coming financial year.  They also thanked our donors that are supporting us for their generosity. Below are the pictures of the team.

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C:\Users\Doreen\Desktop\New folder\IMG-20190513-WA0035.jpg

Thanks very much to everyone that is helping us meet Miryante’s basic need. We would be completely nothing and nowhere without you. Bless you all.