June Newsletter 2019


Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante orphanage and school. We really love you all and we do appreciate all that you’re providing to us. The last Saturday of the month, we visited our children in different schools with our Peace Corp volunteer Ms. Alex Rausch who is in her preparations to go back home after her service of three years. Her visit was to say bye to the children since she will be traveling back to the states on 12th of August and she didn’t want to go without seeing the children that are in boarding section. She therefore visited our children in the following schools: St. Thomas Primary School, King Solomon College, St. Peter Technical School, and Kiganda Secondary School.  We served them with the requirements they needed at school i.e.: bread, juice, milk chocolate donated by Mr. Sultan, toothpaste, pads , sweets donated by Alex, pencils, pens, books and some many others. Below are the pictures:

We are also greatful and thankful for a donation of  80boxes of soya milk drink and 250bars  of cholcates  donated to us by Mr. Sultan of Leo traders. The childern took the soya milk for three constant days and they are really thankful.


We always visit our children in the guardianship program every month to check on the progress of the children and to also see what they are lacking so that we as an organization can provide. In order to make sure the children get the basic needs that they need. There is really a great improvement according to our observation in the different households.

 Below are the photos showing guardians and the children receiving scholastic materials

Guardians by the help of the children are growing crops and rearing animals to support their households which show a great improvement.

Below are the photos:

Vocational School:

Miryante Vocational School is preparing for the open day function which will take place on the 19th of July this year. Different courses are practicing hard for their presentations to make the function colorful. Many people are invited such as the government officers, community members, religious leaders, well-wishers and political members. All the workshops are busy in preparations. Our main aim is to market the school and get more students and also to raise some money to help us in the school operations.

Below are the pictures:


We planted beans in April this year and this month children are enjoying fresh beans that they planted themselves with the help of the caregivers.

Photos showing different nursery beds with green peppers, egg plants, and spinache seedlings ready to be transplanted to the main garden:

To all our donors and well-wishers out there, we just want you to know that we are so grateful and appreciative for your kindness.

Thanks very much.