July Newsletter 2019


Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante children’s home and school. We really love you all and we do appreciate all that you’re providing to us.   Our children are really happy and healthy. In this month we had a lot of activities that took place at the home 

    On the 3rd of July we visited our children at King Solomon to attend a parents’ meeting. We were so happy to hear and read the comments about our children. We were told that they have good grades and that they are well behaved children at school. This showed us as staff that we are doing great work. We also gave the children some school requirements that they needed at school.  Below is a photo showing the children after the parents meeting.

We have resumed reading and writing classes every day at 3 to 4 pm from Monday to Friday with the help of one of our intern students.  This has helped children’s writing and reading skills, and the correct pronunciation of words and spelling has improved.  Below are photos showing first and second graders studying.

On the 19th of July we had an open day to advertise our technical school and also to promote our products from the school made by our children. We invited the following categories of people: District officers, community members, church leaders and politicians. Different courses such as tailoring, hair dressing, motor vehicle, carpentry and joinery, and computer studies were all able to display their products. The function started with a prayer, the national anthem, and later inspections of the products that were displayed from different departments. The program also included a dance prepared by our students at the technical school. Below are photos showing the different activities that happened on open day.

Our human resource manager, Mr. Kadoma Joseph, and one of our social workers attended a workshop where they were taught the following topics: human rights on land, access to justice, service delivery, and accounts and accountability.  Later Mr. Kadoma shared the information acquired with staff of Miryante and the elder children at Miryante Children’s home . Below are photos showing staff and children  of Miryante  attending  sessions

We also received donations from the sister of St. Peter’s parish in the USA. Below are photos showing staff members and children with happy smiles after receiving the gifts.

Under our agriculture program, more vegetables have been planted by the children since they are nutritious for them.

We cannot stop saying thank you to our lovely donors for the wonderful support.