May 2017

Newsletter for the Month of May 2017

Greetings from Miryante Orphans Home and School!

The children and staff from both the school and home send you greetings. All the children are in good health and have been out of school for spring holidays. We have eleven candidates registered to sit for primary level seven graduating examinations that have already registered for the final exams. We also have two candidates that have registered for senior four national exams and one of our children has also registered with the national exams for technical school. This makes a total of 14 candidates for this year.

While the children were at the orphanage for holidays, we implemented a time table program that was successful in keeping the children and caregivers active throughout the holiday. The girls have been more involved in sports this holiday than ever before. The girls had football on their time table and they really enjoyed it. It was also during this time that Alex our Peace Corp Volunteer introduced a Bible class for all the children that she teaches with the help of Lydia Kaliisa our new staff.


As Laura’s spirit, she is ever getting us new friends. We managed to host Ms. Lindsay Woodcock and Mr. Hans. They really had time with the children on site although it was a short holiday for them but it was a productive one. They helped the children draw their dream, or what they would want to be in the future. The little ones did a lot of paintings and drawings. It didn’t stop at that; they also went for the hike and taught the children American football. This is one way we entertain visitors that come to Miryante Orphans. We take our visitors to visit the rocks around Miryante. It’s really fun and interesting there.

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This has also been one of the most shortest holidays where children stay home for only three weeks. For the children who attend the boarding school in King Solomon it was one only two weeks. We are so great full that at least our children are among the few that report on time at school and that they are also able to meet the school basic requirements.

Children receiving their school supplies to go to boarding school.

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We would also like to pass along a huge thank you to the Marisa Foster-Moore Family for their donation to our nursery class. Thanks to their generosity, our kids in the nursery class will be eating eggs and fruits.


We also received a big donation of crutches and wheel chairs from Crutches for Africa. This was a great time for people with disabilities to also receive devises that are of help to them. Miryante is in charge of coordinating the distribution for the far Western Uganda. Over one thousand devises were given out to people with disabilities in Kyegegwa, Kyejonjo, Kyaka 11 refugee settlement, Rwamwanja camp, Mubende Rotary Club and Kabarole Rotary Club. As Miryante, we are humbled for the great services that we are able to help people access. It’s now not only the orphans but all categories of vulnerable people. Below in the pic is Jim and Jam with the team from Crutches for Africa.

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This project didn’t stop with the crutches and the wheel chairs. Crutches for Africa also donated balls and other games for the kids at Miryante including art supplies for Miryante kids and the Albinos in Rwamanja camp.

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We thank you for all of your support and may God bless you and your families,


Director and all the staff and children at Miryante!!!!