April 2017

Greetings from Miryante Home and School!

April has been a colorful month with lots of Easter gifts for the kids from friends of Miryante. These gifts included 25 boxes of sanitary pads for the girls, 2 big boxes of tooth paste, ice cream, juice and sweets. This was especially exciting because this was the first time that all the kids tasted ice cream! Mr. Chirag Shah from the company Vision Impex Ltd visited with his grandmother and a family friend. They really dedicated the whole day to Miryante with kids. Easter was really fun for the kids and all staff members and it didn’t stop at dancing. We also had church with the community members and later a meal after church as shown in the pictures below. A huge thanks to the Schafer Family and the Hahns Family for sponsoring two days of Easter meals!

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Technical School

Ester Atim is one of our children that finished last year and she passed with credit from the tailoring class. This month she departed from the project with a sewing machine as a kit. We are grateful for Mr. Patrick and Diane Corcoran that have been sponsoring Ester since 2011. Ester is a happy girl. She has already started up a business with a friend called Doreen one of our girls that also a year ago from the knitting class. They have started a small workshop from one of the small trading centres in Kyegegwa District.  We also had a party at the technical school for our former students that sat last year together with the new ones that have joined us this year.


We thank you for all of your support and may God bless you and your families. Director and all the staff and children at Miryante!!!!