March 2017


Hello everyone!

March has been a wonderful month here. Seeing all the children in school and healthy makes all of us happy. This month of March we started up a weekend programme for all of our orphanage kids where they are taught how to cook, bake, and respect for elderly people like kneeling when greeting, responding when called by an elderly people and many other lessons. It’s such an interesting class.

march-1 march-2 march-3 march-4

We also have a visiting counsellor who comes over the weekends and is also a blessing to us all. This has helped the children to open up especially now that we have different categories of children like those that were abused by their parents, street kids being brought by police and the probation officers, and the orphans. This has brought about a difference in their lives. We also had a police office at least twice in the month of March to talk to the children at both the orphanage and home on how to keep law and order in the community. The children had enough time to ask the police officers any questions they had.

march-5 march-6

We are also humbled to inform you that the Kyaka II refugee programme is feeding 20 child headed families. Miryante is providing food for 20 child-headed families every month.

march-7 march-8


We are so happy to inform you that 8 of our students from the Miryante Technical School that sat for Uganda Business Technical Examination (UBTE) all passed well.

We had 1 student from Mechanics and driving who passed with a distinction, 2 from the tailoring class who passed with credits and 5 from bricklaying class who also passed with credits. None of the students failed. Out of the eight students who took the exam, 2 where from the orphanage. 1 is in brick laying class Charles and Atim Esther from tailoring class. Atim has received her kit already of a sewing machine.


We are also blessed with the tailoring class of 7 girls that finished last year that has been a blessing to the country. We travel to one or two districts every month and train girls in schools and mothers how to make washable sanitary pads and pampers. This programme has been so successful. We partner with Hope and Smile Uganda, a local Community Based Organization and Honourable members of Parliament. Here mothers and school girls are trained to use needles and sewing machines which has now become a source of income to many women all over the country.

march-10 march-11





The goats’ house has been worked on and we are also now working on the herdsman’s house which we are constructing within the farm. We believe the herdsman’s house is going to increase the security of the livestock especially when it comes to monitoring the cows and during the night.

march-13 march-14

Goats’ house that has been renovated     Herd’s man’s house under                       construction



We were so happy to receive a visit from our friend Salil Jacob. Salil came to visit our children and we enjoyed dancing and singing together.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the donors and the community around Miryante for being good neighbours to our organization.

Thanks God Bless Management.