March 2016



Greetings from Miryante!

We are so grateful and humbled for the continuous donations given to us. You have made the children glad here. Easter was fun at Miryante Orphans home. You have given children hope that every big day they will get to slaughter either a goat or a bull. Easter was as colorful as you see from the pictures below. We slaughtered one of our big male goats for the Easter celebration. The day started with Mass. The children had Meat, Matoke, Rice, Bananas, Fish and G. nuts. For those that do not eat meat, they at least received a bottle of soda for each of them. Later they watch three movies to make their Easter celebration. For every child, that is what they call a big day.

March 1 March 2

Agriculture Program!

We are so grateful for the agriculture books donated to the project by the Ohio 4-H program. Below is Laura our Volunteer manager having lessons with the children and the care givers.

March 3 March 4 March 5

We are also glad to inform you that Miryante Orphans Home has expanded its services to children who are being abused by their parents. Below is Deo Byamukama aged 8 years old who was burnt by his father for going to the neighborhood to watch television. Deo is still with us till the high court conducts a review of his case since we believe that Kyegegwa court miss-managed the case. We are working with the NGO Justice for Children to advocate for his protection. He is now fine and attending school from our nursery school. Deo is a bright and happy boy. We shall resettle him with his mother once the issue is sorted out with the high court.

March 6


We are also glad to inform you that our little children below 7years have been immunized against polio.

March 7


In March, we were blessed with two visitors/volunteers, Paul and Alison. The two stayed with us for four days and they did a great job with the young children. During the four days they were helping with the drawing and shading for the little children and also working on repairing the playground for the little children.

March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12


Current situation with our gardens and animals!

We have got 18 cows and out of the 18 we do milk 4 cows and all the milk goes to the children’s diet. The piggery project is doing well, as well as the goats’ project. We have two separate new banana plantations as shown below with the director inspecting them. Our children are doing a great job of spraying the animals every weekend and deworming them as shown in the picture below. We have five acres of cassava, six acres of bananas and three acres of beans. The children have partly contributed towards planting these gardens, though much of the work has been hired labor, especially during school days. We are trying to train our children with farming skills such that they can still live a better life after they have graduated and resettled.

March 13 March 14 March 15

Vocational school

We are glad to inform you that this year 2016 the turn up at the vocational school is good. We have 75students and we are expecting more children from the community to join us with the introduction of our mechanics course. We hope to introduce driving early next term since the two classes work hand in hand. The course has 7 students so far and we expect a big turn up next term with the introduction of driving. Below are some of the mechanics students trying to assemble an engine with their teacher.

March 16

We thank you for all of your support and may God bless you and your families,


Director and all the staff and children at Miryante!!!!