April 2016

April Newsletter 2016

Hello everyone!

April has been a colorful month with a lot of stuff taking place here. The nursery pupils are sitting for their end of term examinations. All our nursery children can say hello and also write their names on their own. Gaurav Vijayvargiya with Seba Foods Uganda visited the project with a donation of food products including local Zambian porridge, Tomato paste, chilli, tomato source, food. Mr. Vijayvargiya also hired a music system for the children. The children we so excited and they also welcomed the visitors with a dance. We feel so blessed down here.  Our children feel so blessed and they feel very safe here.

April 2016 1

Children’s Nursery School Class hard at work.

April 2016 2

Donations from Gaurav V. and Seba Company                 

April 2016 3

Children performing a welcome dance

April 2016 4

Guests being entertained with dancing

April 2016 5

Children enjoying a dance party                                               

April 2016 6

Children enjoying special food donated

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Children enjoying food donated

April 2016 13

Rosette and Erina washing clothes

Technical school

Early April we hosted parents and guardians for all our technical school where all the board members, director and staff were involved in orienting parents on school curriculum and informing them about how our students from the previous year sat for national exams and performed very well with credits. We are also calling upon parents to get us more students. Before the meeting, the parents inspected the school, stores and dormitories for the students and also some of the practical work done by the students such as bricklaying class.

April 2016 14

Parents Meeting for Technical School                    

April 2016 15

Practical by the brick laying class


In addition to administrative work, Volunteer Laura has been giving Caregivers training on alternative discipline for the children. Technical School Students who will be graduating this year are completing health and parenting classes conducted by Laura and Billy the social worker.

April 2016 16 April 2016 17



Vegetable gardens! Our vegetable gardens are doing very well. We have had enough rain this season and this has helped us a lot on the side of vegetables for children.


 April 2016 18 April 2016 19


 April 2016 20 April 2016 21


Animal project! Below is Charles showing us our new puppy who is named Fox. Charles is the child in charge of this puppy. We bought it for security purposes. Also one of our pig gave birth to 10piglets.


Thanks very much and God Bless.

Miryante Management.