February 2016

February Update

February was a good month here at Miryante Orphans Home. We received a number of generous donations this month that we would like to recognize. Herman, our Austrian volunteer who recently arrived, donated a solar panel to the guesthouse. Gordon Cross also donated a fantastic wooden plaque displaying our mission statement and a goat was also donated by Ryan Willi, a donor in the US.

Feb 1

Feb 2

We also received a much delayed, but eagerly anticipated donation of dresses, shirts, and sanitary pads from Karla Kensey for the children!

Feb 3

Feb 4

Our vocational school opened on Monday 22nd and we are expecting a bigger turnout this year compared to last. We have started our new courses of mechanics and driving, which have both already proved to be very popular.

The farm is running nicely and one cow gave birth this month!

Miryante Orphans Home is also expanding its services to helping children in the local community that are being abused by their parents. This month saw a child brought to us after he was burnt by his father. Byamukama Deo’s father burnt him as a punishment for leaving his local neighbourhood to watch TV. His father was arrested and he was brought to us where he received treatment in our sick bay. Once his father is released he will receive counselling from the probation officer along with the mother and when the child has recovered he will go back to his family.

Feb 5

Finally, this past week we a priest from Kakabara parish came to visit the children and we celebrated a memorial mass for Docus Sincere. Thank you for everyone who has offered prayers for her and her family.

Feb 6

A special thanks to Adam and Claire who left behind donations of art supplies and toys for the kids to enjoy. We were so thankful to be able to host them for a brief time and thank them for all their work (including the compilation of most of this update).

Feb 7

Feb 8

Thank you for everyone who is supporting our organization in so many ways! We are incredibly grateful for all your support which helps to bring joy into the lives of our children.


God Bless!