March 2012 Update


March has been a busy much with too march rain and planting. We hired some people to start clearing land . The rain has given us hope that there will be no drought as we have been expecting. So far we have planted nine acres that are covered by beans, G.nuts, Irish and maize.

Currently we are housing 94 children and 8 caretakers. We have been working on vegetable gardens for the kids and hope to try a monthly planting scheme with irrigation to insure a more steady supply of vegetables. We have welcomed one new caretaker to the project: Madam Irene.

This season being so cold the children have seriously fallen sick which has really increased the medical costs

On 2/3/2012

We received a donation of 190,000 (one hundred ninety thousand shillings) from the district. With this money we have been able to put up a bigger rabbit house.

ON 7/3/2012

We received a donation from Laura. Which had sweets, books and toys for the children. Our children were so happy. These were given to the well behaved children, such that they would keep it up and also others to learn from them. Thank you Laura for the spirit you have for the orphanage.


We celebrated women’s day with our girls in Mpara sub-county. On this day our girls were able to sell some of crafts.

ON 12-3-2012

We received a new caretaker. She is called madam Irene Kamugasa. She comes from Fort portal, in a place called Rubona. She enjoys staying around children. She also likes staying in Miryante Orphans Home as caretaker.

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