August 2012 Update

Happy August from Miryante! Things are going great over here at MOH and we just
Wanted to give you a little update! This past August 15th was our 3 year anniversary!!
The children celebrated by attending mass with our director, participating in holy
Communion with our staff and having a celebratory meal.

The children are currently on a school break and many of them are visiting family. It is
always wonderful when our children are able to spend time with family. They will resume
school on September 3rd.

The rains have been few and far between this rainy season which has been unfortunate
for our crops, but also for the livelihood of many farmers here in west Uganda. We have
crops of maze, cassava, beans and green which were dry this rainy season, but this
month has brought rain so fingers crossed! This past July and August we have
harvested 180 KG of beans and 4 basins of potatoes. We are also working on a large
vegetable garden. Surprisingly, our cabbage is doing well.

I am sorry to say that our rabbit project is down to one rabbit. We will try again and this
time know what precautions and steps to take! However, our children built a beautiful
rabbit hut which is now housing the chickens. Our chickens were eating our crops so
this is a great solution. We will keep you posted on our hopefully soon to be new rabbit

Our vocational school is coming along well and all of the buildings are fully erected.
Now we are working on a few of the ceiling boards and the final finishing touches! Very
exciting. With the completion of the buildings comes a lot of administrative work and
fundraising to raise money for vocational equipment. We are also planning on installing
a rain water harvesting system to provide the school with water and Liz will be initiating
a transitional plan at the school to help graduating students have direction once they
leave our school and go out into the real world.

These past couple of months we had a few children become sick with a cold/flu. This fall
our goal is to work on hygiene and reiterate to the children the preventative measures
they need to take to stay healthy and flu and malaria free.

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