February 2012 Update

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Miryante! Happy New Year! We would like to start off 2012 with a letter of thanks to all of you for your incredible support throughout this past year. Miryante has been growing thanks to you and we want to share our news with all of you.

To date we have 91 children residing at the project. The number of children has continued to increase as the capacity of the project grows. Due to the expansion we are currently looking for a new caretaker.

Miryante succeeded in expanding our crops this season, and the children helped harvest maize during their holiday break. A million thanks to our donors who sent vegetable seeds last season through Laura!

We are currently brainstorming ideas for generating income to improve our rabbit house and expanding our other animal husbandry projects.

As usual the vocational school is still trucking along. We have started painting the buildings, so far two blocks are finished and our engineer Master Jon will be starting on the third. We will keep everyone updated as we progress with that project. Many thanks for the tremendous support we have received!

Our animal husbandry projects have been moving along nicely! We have had two other offspring this week and it is a very exciting time, that being we are able to milk four cows. Another set of baby rabbits has grown tremendously! Our children are learning how to take care of animals and it is fun to see the animals grow thanks to their TLC! Our goat project is also very promising. This week one gave birth and currently one is pregnant.

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