December 2018

DECEMBER   NEWSLETTER 2018                                                                                               


Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Orphans Home!  We are really grateful for the support given to us here.  Everyone is fine and very happy about the Christmas season. The children couldn’t wait to go out for shopping, carnival, and the trip to Murchison Falls National Park. A huge thank you to Inno-pak for sponsoring the Christmas trips and everyone who gave to make Christmas special for the children. The excitement was too much. We also gave the children the task of being on their best behavior to be able to enjoy the above Christmas privileges.

Academically, the children performed well, and all were promoted in their respective classes. They all officially broke off for break on the 30th of November 2018.

For Christmas shopping, the kids were too excited. On the 15th of December they were helped by the caregivers to go to the market. The boys bought 2 trousers each, a belt, closed toe shoes, 4 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts, lunch and later a drink on their way back. All the girls bought two dresses, shoes, 4 knickers, and also a lunch for each and a drink on their way back from Mubende where they did the shopping.

Below are the pictures of the children shopping:

On Christmas day the children couldn’t wait to go to church all wearing their new clothes as shown below:

Below in church:

A huge thank you to the Baker Family for our Christmas Day lunch. Our lunch was this good: We had different types of foods such as Rice, plantains, Cassava, Irish, groundnuts sauce, fish, beef, pork and sodas as shown below:

As a treat of the younger children, we took them on a sponsored field trip to a canival in a nearby town. The carnival was so much fun. The little children had lunch before all the activities took place as seen below:


The older children were able to take a trip to Murchison Falls National Park in Masindi, which was also so much fun. We started our journey as early as 3am in the morning. We were accompanied by the director, Fr. Erineo, who blessed our journey in the morning before we set off. The children were able to see the water falls which was very exciting for everyone, and we had a camp fire before leaving the park with some of the guards. The children later spent a night in Masindi town where they had dinner as well as breakfast and lunch the following day. Below are the pictures:

At the beginning of December, we also received 3 horses from Laura’s family and friends as a gift to the children for her recent wedding. We are really blessed as one of the luckiest homes because in the whole region you cannot find horses. The kids ride these horses every day. Our children really enjoy having them around the orphanage. The horses are beautiful with the children. We greatly thank Laura, her husband Ambrish, and all her family and friends because we now have horses on the farm. They have even hired someone to help train the caregivers and children to help us learn the language of horses and how the children can work with them.

During this long holiday from school, we came up with a holiday program where children have been having sports and games with the caregivers and visitors, especially Laura’s friend, Aman Kumar, who stays with the children to help with the horses.  Pictures below are showing children playing football and netball:

We are also humbled that Aman, the horse trainer, made for the kids dinner over the holidays with the help of the care givers. He bought a goat from our farm for the children and rice for a dinner. December was a blessed month to our home as shown below:

We also managed to give awards the best four best dormitories and that was St. Joan (1st place), St. Gyavira (2nd place), St. Theresa (3rd place) and St. Thomas (4th place). They were given the award for having the best hygiene and the best dorm garden. As an award, we gave them a period of one month to come up with a project of their choice that to be managed by the children per dormitory that will be reported to you in January newsletter.

Our guardianship program (foster care) is really doing well and our target is to construct 5 houses for our children staying with guardians under this program. Before they we really sleeping badly, as you can see in the ‘before and after’ photo below. So far we have finished 4 houses out of 5. The children and the guardians are really happy.

Community service

Our Children in the building class and carpentry class, with the help of the caregivers, Aman and Boaz, the horse trainers, decided to start a community service project to help people living around Miryante. The children in Miryante who are studying carpentry and building were able to renovate the house for a very old lady in our neighborhood whose house had collapsed and had left her sleeping outside. We are glad that now we have the skills to help to make our community a better place.

A very big thanks to everyone who has contributed towards Miryante Orphans’ Home’s well being to make this the best December ever. We love you all!


Miryante Management