January 2019

January Newsletter 2019

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Orphans Home and School. We really love you all and we do appreciate all that you provide to us. All the children are very okay and well prepared for the new school term. All are eager to join other classes starting in the New Year. Below are the updates of pictures of our children getting ready for the new school term:

Schools opened on 25th of January 2019, all of our children are in school. Below are Pictures showing children receiving their scholastic materials before heading to school.


Pictures showing the scholastic materials that are given to the children before going to School


Last year we had some of our children from the home who completed Carpentry courses. Below are two of our graduates, Peter and Moses, with their tool boxes:




Under the Guardianship/Foster Program: we always visit each household before the children go back to school.  We monitoring their progress, provide counseling and guidance, and give them scholastic materials, bedding, and clothes. We also conduct educative programs such as agriculture and animal husbandry. Different households with orphans have benefited from this program. Below are the pictures:

Below is another Picture showing one of the guardians of household number one selling tomatoes and onions during a market in Migongwe trading center. Miryante has helped her to start a garden to support the children she is fostering.

During this January holiday, the children had different programs to keep them busy. The major one was learning how to be friendly to the horses and to learn the horses’ language. We have done this by going on different hikes and giving the horses baths. This is done with the help of madam Laura and Aman as shown below.


Pictures showing horses taking a bath after the hike

Manapack rice food!

We have already received 60 boxes of manapack rice for the first quarter. This food has been of great help towards the children’s diet. The biggest number of children we get at the home come when they are malnourished. Manna Pack rice has been the best food ever for the children’s diet. Below are the 60 boxes we received for the first quota in 2019. Thanks to Anna Lisa that has always thought about us at Miryante Orphans Home.                              


Our Peace Corps volunteer, Alex, organized special Bible and nature classes for our children this January. These classes have been taking place Tuesday and Monday of every week. The children are taught how to sing songs and play games about nature and animals. Below are pictures showing children in the nature class and Bible classes.


Our cows are doing very well and so far four baby calves have been born. This means more milk for the children. Also, at last our rabbits gave birth to 11 little ones as shown below.

We are really grateful for all the support as we start the 2019 year. Thanks very much!


Miryante Management