November 2018

                              NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER

Greetings from Miryante! All the children are of good health. Our candidates of all levels started exams from 6th to 16th of this month. There were 3 children in Senior level four, and 13 children in Primary level seven,  and 8 children taking exit exams at the technical school.  They are already enjoying holidays and planting flowers to make a natural fence which will beautify the home as part of their holiday work.

Below are 8 of our children from the orphanage doing their practical in UBTEB and DIT at Miryante Vocational School in order to finish their courses and other students are preparing for their end of year exams.

Below is Maria one of our own children preparing herself to start Tailoring practical class next year. This is the course of her choice and she can’t wait to join next year.

Debate club: We are so grateful for our social workers, our Peace Corps Volunteer Alex, our social workers and children that do take a lead in the debating class. This has helped a lot to our children to improve on their English due to the practice they make every Saturday in debate club. They also compete with the neighboring schools including the Miryante Technical school.

The picture below showing the debate committee.


Health club; This club was formed by Sunday Clovice, one of our kids in the orphanage, and was guided by the staff of Miryante to help the club to form a mission and vision.  The staff members have also been supportive towards this club and have contributed much in improving and maintaining the general cleanliness of the orphanage.

We are also grateful for our Peace Corps volunteer Alex who has been inviting other volunteers to educate the kids more about the meaning of health club and also to sensitize the children about diseases like malaria, typhoid, and cholera to create awareness in the community of Miryante.


Construction of houses for children under guardianship program has begun. Margret, one of the guardians of four children who we found at the site is filled with joy about the construction.  It was really very hard to convince her to take up these children and stay with them. At first she disappeared and left the four children in the house but after serious counseling  she took up the responsibility and she is now very happy with the support she is getting from Miryante. These include food, scholastics materials, clothes, medical care; this is provided monthly and visited weekly. Now, with the construction of the home, she is also being provided shelter.  Below is pictured the construction site and donations to the children she is caring for.

Agriculture: This month we are harvesting beans and vegetables (sukuma wiki). We are happy with the support from our Peace Corps volunteer, especially under the vegetable program to support the diet of the children. We are now harvesting vegetables in plenty.

Our animals: are adding in numbers as shown below.

We are really grateful and humbled by everyone’s contributions towards Miryante orphanage and school. God Bless you greatly!

Miryante Management