December 2016

December was just full of amazing things. This all started with our graduation ceremony from Miryante Technical School with 40 students graduating on 7th of December. Out of the 40, 11 were from the orphanage. Children from the orphanage who graduated received start-up kits with tools needed to start businesses in their vocations. The preparations for graduation started with choir rehearsals by the children at the orphanage as shown below. The function started with mass that was led by our guest of honour who was Bishop Robert. We kindly pass on our sincere thanks to our wonderful donors that have brought us from the beginning this far to where we are today. For sure without you we wouldn’t be anywhere. Thanks very much and the kids are happy too and they feel blessed.

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Special thanks to Aptech Africa which is a company that Laura volunteers with in Kampala. Aptech Africa donated four complete solar systems and also did the installation for free. We now have lighting in all the houses and electricity for charging in the office. Thanks very much.

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Christmas celebrations started on 23rd of December when Fr. Erineo the director came in to have fun with children and also to share with them the meaning of Christmas. Also some of our older children who used to live at Miryante came to visit the orphanage and brought gifts for other children at the orphanage. This has been a colourful season for children and staff. We also want to extend our thanks to Jon Sill, the James Hahn Family who donated so that the children could receive Christmas gifts and a huge Christmas dinner.

On 23rd each child got a cloth for Christmas and at least a toy. Our day started with Mass as shown below.

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On 27th of December we had a trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese. 35 of our children visited the park and they were all grateful to be there. Our journey started at 5:00am in the morning, but by 3:00am all the children were awake for the trip and by 10:00am we were already in the park because we had booked for the boat ride at 11:00am. There was so much fun! The children were able to see elephants, wild pigs, cobs, crocodiles, hippos and many other animals. By 2:00pm everyone was tired and by 3:00pm we were in Kasese having lunch. We started our Journey back from Kasese to Miryante at 5:00pm and by 8:00pm were home. Thanks to a friend of Laura who donated for this wonderful trip.

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We are also grateful to a huge outpouring of support for Miryante this Christmas season. We were donated 12 goats, a heifer, and a mother cow and calf. The goat project is now growing we now have 25 goats on our farm. We can’t believe that so many people helped us this Christmas and the children are so excited and thankful! We have never had a Christmas like this one before.


Thanks to everyone that has donated anything in kind to Miryante. Our children have never slept hungry, never lacked clothes or school fees. This is all because of you people. Thanks very much for having us at heart. Happy New Year to you all God Bless!