November 2016

Newsletter for the Month of November 2016

Greetings from Miryante Orphans Home and School!

The children and staff from both the school and home send you greetings. We have eleven candidates that sat for primary level seven graduating examinations and we are expecting good results. We also have two candidates that sat for senior four examinations.

We are also grateful to inform you that we have started harvesting our plantains that we planted last year in August. This has helped us to improve the diet of our children here at the orphanage. We have also managed to harvest 250kgs of beans.

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On 15th of November, our volunteer Alex Rausch trained the staff and the children on how to make perma-gardens. As a home, this is helpful to our staff and our children to help improve the variety and the amount of food that we are able to grow in our gardens. Community members also attended the training and will be able to implement the new agricultural technics in their gardens at home.

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Our director, Fr. Erineo, had a chance to visit Ohio and do a missions appeal through St. Peter’s Church. We are so grateful to everyone from the US who was part of hosting him and taking him around to see so much of the US! Fr. Erineo loved his trip and was so happy to meet everyone who has been incredibly instrumental in supporting Miryante. Father came back to Uganda on November 17th with a lot of things for the children and staff. These included clothes and sweets from Mary Smith. Thanks very much Mary Smith and thanks for the letter that you wrote to the kids and staff. We are sure Andrew is in safe hands with God. Below are the pictures of everyone very happy!

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We were also very lucky to host some visitors in November! Dr. Steve Kelly, CJ Fleming, and John Yessitore from the JCK Foundation stopped in for a visit. They brought donations of art supplies, sports equipment, and a whole lot of joy. Thanks for the visit!

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Our piggery is under renovations by our Peace Corps Volunteer Alex, with the help of one staff member from school and of course the children.

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