January 2017

January Newsletter 2017


January has been so wonderful to us here in Miryante. All the children returned in good health from holidays. Every January children are able to go home to check on any relatives or friends they might have in the village. Those that are completely homeless stay behind with us and they are given a holiday programmes to keep busy. Eleven of our pupils that sat for primary seven leaving examinations passed with good scores. This means that they are able to continue on to secondary school. One has joined the seminary as you will see in the pictures below. Six have joined King Solomon Secondary School which means that right now we have 17 of our children attending King Solomon Secondary School. Four have joined Miryante Technical School. This year we are going to have 23 of our children in Miryante Technical School.

During holidays the 35 children that reminded at the orphanage managed to have different programmes on site that really kept them busy throughout the holidays. One of the programs was the nature class that our Peace Corp Volunteer Alex conducted at least twice a week.

Also this year, thanks to donations on our website, we have managed to extend our services to Kyaka II refugee camp. Miryante is now providing basic needs to 20 child-headed households in the refugee camp. These are some of the basic needs that we are providing now: food, clothing, and scholastic materials. This is going to be done monthly where by each of these families will be signing for the materials or food they receive from Miryante and we shall be keeping the records.

We want to thank Dr. Craig for sponsoring Bosco, one of our boys in the tailoring class, to study a tailoring and designing course in Rwanda as he looks around for his family. We also want to thank Dr. Baker’s family that donated him a sewing machine as a starting kit for him which he moved with to Rwanda.

We are also grateful to inform you that 6 of our girls from the tailoring class that graduated last year are now employed with a women’s group that trains other women and girls to make sanitary pads. They are paid weekly by the women members of parliament. Below are the pics!

A big thank you to the Baker Family for sponsoring a great meal for New Years!


Ronald Nasasira’s Moving to the seminary.


Some of the child-headed households receiving uniforms and food.

jan-3 jan-4 jan-5 jan-6

Alex with her nature class

jan-7 jan-8

Girls training how to make reusable sanitary pads.


Bosco’s last day at Miryante leaving for Rwanda


We managed to renovate the dormitories by painting, fumigating, and repairing all the broken beds before the children reported back.

jan-11 jan-12

We have have also managed to add on new staff because of the increase in work. We now have a secretary who has also a role of helping children write letters to their penpals and sponsors. Her name is Ms. Harriet Kobusinge.


We have also hired a herd’s man who is helping us with the cows and the goats now. His name is Laulensio Kimara.

 jan-14 jan-15



In February we were so lucky to have a visit from Nena Mocnik from Slovenia who came for a day to play games with our children.


Thanks for our hardworking staff and generous donors for helping to keep these children happy and healthy.

Thank You so much!