December 2013



Greetings from Miryante Orphans Home

First off we would like to thank all of our Sponsors and Donors for their generous contributions.

Of course it was the month of Xmas and thanks to your kind donations we were able to give all the children new clothes for presents, which they were all very excited about and we even had a mini fashion show as they all tried them on.

We also ate very well and the children were spoilt for choices as we had a range of beef, chicken, goat and pork to choose from as well as rice, beans, Irish potatoes and sodas.

The day was extremely joyful with the children singing and dancing and playing games throughout the day. We had two great sessions of Mass, one in the morning and one in the early evening as the sun set. Led by Father Aloysious they were filled with prayers for loved ones, thanks and appreciation for a wonderful year, and the usual hymns sung by the children

Fr Aloysious

Father Aloysious and the church leaders.




All the children enjoying evening Mass.


The children (and father) breaking it down to some Gospel songs!!


Olly shopping for clothes

Doreen and Olly shopping  for Xmas clothes.       Doreen was doubling as photographer in this shot.






New York Fashion week comes  to Miryante. Eria sports the latest trend out of Paris, the very chic ‘Men’s Summer Scarf’ over a plain white, short sleeve button up.


Here we have Katumba wearing a wrap-around Hooded Scarf and low cut T-Shirt and Mukama looking dashing in a button up Long Sleeve and tailored Vest.




Looking stunning in designer evening wear we have Nyangoma, Jane and Nyakato representing for the girls of Miryante!



More lovely summer wear from our girls at Miryante Orphans Home. This show really would stand up against the big events like London and Milan fashion week.

A round of applause  please for all our stars of the show and a big thank you to all our donors and sponsors for making it all possible. It was a great night, we look forward to more ground-breaking fashion next Xmas and a special thanks to our photographer Olly for capturing all the action.





Isima helping to prepare some fresh goats meat for the supper stew later on.



A staple  at all Ugandan Xmas  feasts; Matooke which is steamed bananas , being carefully prepared by the crew.

 Kato cooking

Kato working  on the big pot, there are a lot of mouths that need feeding!!

Sam cooking

Samuel stirring up a storm with a delicious local recipe.

 Olly eating

The boys enjoying  the fruits of their labour. We ate enough food to make Santa proud!!


 Getting food

Getting excited about lining up for the delicious Xmas lunch that had been prepared!!



Smiles all around as  sodas  where drunk on a hot Xmas  day! Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Miryante. Thank you again for your on going support and God bless you all!! See you next year! We are off to enjoy the holidays!!!