November Newsletter



Greetings from Miryante and hoping that you’re all well!

Thanks and appreciation:

Firstly we would like to start off by thanking all of our donors for their generous donations towards our projects at the orphanage. The garden project is doing well and we have already harvested 2500 kg of beans to be used to feed the children and our banana plantation is already growing well. The Irish Potato garden is doing well and this season we have so far harvested 2 sacks.

We completed construction of our multi-purpose store, which will be used for storing tools and food and will be a much used and needed structure.

Report about children:

Currently we have 102 children at the home. They are all doing well health-wise and they all help with improving the agriculture at our home. In October we had 13 students complete their studies. 11 completed P7 and 2 completed S4 with the hope of good grades. Our orphan’s who study at the Vocational School performed very well with top grades in their classes.


We have had 2 Volunteers this month, Max Herbet and Olly Dalley. Max is a teacher from the UK who came to teach English at the Vocational School and also at the home, and is planning to take a Fine Arts class. He was teaching 2 classes in English; Beginners and Advanced which have also helped care-givers and children to improve their English.

Max teaching

Max teaching

Our other volunteer Olly has just recently joined us. He is from New Zealand although he has currently been living in The Netherlands. So far he has helped with the construction of the Market/Restaurant, getting his hands dirty with some hard labor and concreting and also teaching some coffee making skills to the kids in the restaurant to make some money from passing customers. He is getting along well with the staff and children and developing some good relationships, playing games and hoping for a football match once the rain stops!

Olly helping build

Olly helping with construction of the Restaurant/Market


All of our planning and hard work paid off when we finally opened our Restaurant and Craft Market this month. With the help of all the kids and staff we have created a lovely area for locals and passing traffic to come and sit and enjoy some home cooked meals, fresh Ugandan coffee and buy some great jewelry made by our kids. We hope to generate some earnings from this market to put back into the orphanage and the well being of our children.

Stand for selling products


We are looking forward to a big Christmas celebration with fun and games for all the kids. We have also been hard at work making Christmas cards to sell locally and abroad. We have scanned and emailed the cards to volunteers who want to help out at the orphanage but are not able to come to Uganda and they will sell the cards to friends and family and send us the earnings.


We also want to wish you all a Merry Xmas, and a happy New Year and look forward to sending you photos and updates from our Christmas celebrations!

Thank you!