January 2014




Happy New Year. Greetings from Miryante! Hope you’re all fine. Lots of updates here in Miryante!


Last month we received a short time volunteer for a few weeks from Germany.  Christian Sigil was here for two weeks and has been a wonderful support! He generously donated one table, three chairs and some craft materials. Christian has also helped build a craft market.


Children update

The children are in good health. This year the number of children has increased to 110. The Eleven primary seven pupils that sat year 2013 performed well. They passed in second grade and third grade. The biggest numbers of them is  excited to join technical school next week.


Vocational school

We are glad to inform you that this year 2014 the turn up at the vocational school is good. We have 50students and we are expecting more children from the community to join. All the teachers reported last week.

First day of school



Currently our animal husbandry project is booming!  We are up to 18 cows. One of the youth our animal husbandry projects are a great way to teach kids responsibility and the importance of having something to take care of.


Market/craft shop

In january this year 2014 we started of with a craft shop. This has been a blessing to the home.  We have started making some money at the craft shop. Sofar three muzungus have stoped to buy stuff and community members. This is really a blessing. Girls supply the craft shop with baskets and we also buy mats at a low price from the community. This has made Miryante village a place to be.Thanks for adding such good values to the project  because this is all gotton from the donations that you contribute towards the home.

Basket Weaving

The Girls working on baskets for sell at the

Building the huts

Our first grass house finished

Gifts from St. Peters church

Miryante home, school and staff were all glad for the gifts they received from St. Peters church. Thanks for the love, care that you are showing us. Watch the excitement from the children.

St Peter's gifts

Thank you for all of your support and may God bless you and your families,


Doreen Tigah and all the staff and children at Miryante!!!!